Tom Reader
Tom Reader
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Do humans prefer altruistic mates? Testing a link between sexual selection and altruism towards non‐relatives
T Phillips, C Barnard, E Ferguson, T Reader
British Journal of Psychology 99 (4), 555-572, 2008
Progress, challenges and opportunities for Red Listing
SP Bachman, R Field, T Reader, D Raimondo, J Donaldson, GE Schatz, ...
Biological Conservation 234, 45-55, 2019
Understanding gregariousness in a larval Lepidopteran: the roles of host plant, predation, and microclimate
T Reader, DF Hochuli
Ecological Entomology 28 (6), 729-737, 2003
Climate‐based models of spatial patterns of species richness in Egypt’s butterfly and mammal fauna
T Newbold, F Gilbert, S Zalat, A El‐Gabbas, T Reader
Journal of Biogeography 36 (11), 2085-2095, 2009
The effects of predation risk from crab spiders on bee foraging behavior
T Reader, AD Higginson, CJ Barnard, FS Gilbert, ...
Behavioral Ecology 17 (6), 933-939, 2006
Phenotypic heterogeneity is a selected trait in natural yeast populations subject to environmental stress
SL Holland, T Reader, PS Dyer, SV Avery
Environmental microbiology 16 (6), 1729-1740, 2014
Environmental heterogeneity, genotype-by-environment interactions and the reliability of sexual traits as indicators of mate quality
AD Higginson, T Reader
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1659), 1153-1159, 2009
Acoustic analysis of cattle (Bos taurus) mother–offspring contact calls from a source–filter theory perspective
MP de la Torre, EF Briefer, T Reader, AG McElligott
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 163, 58-68, 2015
Application of the comprehensive set of heterozygous yeast deletion mutants to elucidate the molecular basis of cellular chromium toxicity
S Holland, E Lodwig, T Sideri, T Reader, I Clarke, K Gkargkas, DC Hoyle, ...
Genome Biology 8 (12), 1-10, 2007
Testing the accuracy of species distribution models using species records from a new field survey
T Newbold, T Reader, A El‐Gabbas, W Berg, WM Shohdi, S Zalat, ...
Oikos 119 (8), 1326-1334, 2010
Inter-order interactions between flower-visiting insects: foraging bees avoid flowers previously visited by hoverflies
T Reader, I MacLeod, PT Elliott, OJ Robinson, A Manica
Journal of Insect Behavior 18, 51-57, 2005
Mother–offspring recognition via contact calls in cattle, Bos taurus
MP De La Torre, EF Briefer, BM Ochocki, AG McElligott, T Reader
Animal Behaviour 114, 147-154, 2016
Mothers produce less aggressive sons with altered immunity when there is a threat of disease during pregnancy
O Curno, JM Behnke, AG McElligott, T Reader, CJ Barnard
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 276 (1659), 1047-1054, 2009
The Ancient Tree Inventory: a summary of the results of a 15 year citizen science project recording ancient, veteran and notable trees across the UK
V Nolan, T Reader, F Gilbert, N Atkinson
Biodiversity and Conservation 29 (11-12), 3103-3129, 2020
Distance transform: a tool for the study of animal colour patterns
CH Taylor, F Gilbert, T Reader
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 4 (8), 771-781, 2013
Effect of characteristics of butterfly species on the accuracy of distribution models in an arid environment
T Newbold, T Reader, S Zalat, A El-Gabbas, F Gilbert
Biodiversity and Conservation 18, 3629-3641, 2009
Application of the Random Encounter Model in citizen science projects to monitor animal densities
J Schaus, A Uzal, LK Gentle, PJ Baker, L Bearman‐Brown, S Bullion, ...
Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 6 (4), 514-528, 2020
Discrete or indiscrete? Redefining the colour polymorphism of the land snail Cepaea nemoralis
A Davison, HJ Jackson, EW Murphy, T Reader
Heredity 123 (2), 162-175, 2019
Strong interactions between species of phytophagous fly: a case of intraguild kleptoparasitism
T Reader
Oikos 103 (1), 101-112, 2003
Behavioural traits and feeding ecology of Mediterranean lionfish and naiveté of native species to lionfish predation
DD Agostino, C Jimenez, T Reader, L Hadjioannou, S Heyworth, ...
Marine Ecology Progress Series 638, 123-135, 2020
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