Ha Duy Hung, Ph.D
Ha Duy Hung, Ph.D
Ton Duc Thang University, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
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Wireless information and power transfer for full duplex relaying networks: performance analysis
TN Kieu, DT Do, XN Xuan, TN Nhat, HH Duy
AETA 2015: Recent advances in electrical engineering and related sciences, 53-62, 2016
Performance analysis of a user selection protocol in cooperative networks with power splitting protocol-based energy harvesting over Nakagami-m/Rayleigh channels
TN Nguyen, M Tran, TL Nguyen, DH Ha, M Voznak
Electronics 8 (4), 448, 2019
Security and reliability analysis of a two-way half-duplex wireless relaying network using partial relay selection and hybrid TPSR energy harvesting at relay nodes
DH Ha, TN Nguyen, MHQ Tran, X Li, PT Tran, M Voznak
IEEE Access 8, 187165-187181, 2020
Multisource power splitting energy harvesting relaying network in half-duplex system over block Rayleigh fading channel: System performance analysis
TN Nguyen, M Tran, TL Nguyen, DH Ha, M Voznak
Electronics 8 (1), 67, 2019
Power beacon-assisted energy harvesting wireless physical layer cooperative relaying networks: performance analysis
PT Tin, BH Dinh, TN Nguyen, DH Ha, TT Trang
Symmetry 12 (1), 106, 2020
Multi-Source In DF Cooperative Networks With PSR protocol Based Full-Duplex Energy Harvesting Over Rayleigh Fading Channel: Performance Analysis
TLNMV Tan N. Nguyen, T.H.Q.Minh, Duy-Hung Ha
Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences 3 (68), 264–275, 2019
On the performance of power splitting energy harvested wireless full-duplex relaying network with imperfect csi over dissimilar channels
TN Nguyen, M Tran, PT Tran, PT Tin, TL Nguyen, DH Ha, M Voznak
Security and Communication Networks 2018, 1-11, 2018
Hybrid TSR–PSR Alternate Energy Harvesting Relay Network over Rician Fading Channels: Outage Probability and SER Analysis
Tan Nguyen, Phu Tran Tin, Duy-Hung Ha, Miroslav Voznak, Phuong Tran, Minh ...
Sensors 18 (11), 3839, 2018
Power Beacon-Assisted Energy Harvesting in a Half-Duplex Communication Network under Co-Channel Interference over a Rayleigh Fading Environment: Energy E?ciency and Outage …
DHHTLN Van-Duc Phan, Tan N. Nguyen, Minh Tran, Tran Thanh Trang, Miroslav Voznak
MDPI 12 (2579), 14, 2019
Physical layer security in a hybrid TPSR two-way half-duplex relaying network over a Rayleigh fading channel: Outage and intercept probability analysis
N Hoang An, M Tran, TN Nguyen, DH Ha
Electronics 9 (3), 428, 2020
Energy harvesting based two-way full-duplex relaying network over a Rician fading environment: performance analysis
TNN , Minh Tran, Duy-Hung Ha,Thanh-Long Nguyen,and Miroslav Voznak
Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences 1 (68), 111–123, 2019
Security-reliability trade-off analysis for rateless codes-based relaying protocols using NOMA, cooperative jamming and partial relay selection
DH Ha, TT Duy, PN Son, T Le-Tien, M Voznak
IEEE Access 9, 131087-131108, 2021
Non-linear energy harvesting based power splitting relaying in full-duplex AF and DF relaying networks: system performance analysis; pp. 368–381 Full article in PDF format| 10 …
TT Phu, DV Phan, DH Ha, T Nguyen, M Tran, M Voznak
Throughput analysis of power beacon-aided multi-hop relaying networks employing non-orthogonal multiple access with hardware impairments
PT Tin, PM Nam, TT Duy, PT Tran, T Nguyen Kieu, M Voznak
AETA 2018-Recent Advances in Electrical Engineering and Related Sciences …, 2020
Secrecy outage performance of multi-hop LEACH networks using power beacon aided cooperative jamming with jammer selection methods
HD Hung, TT Duy, M Voznak
AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 124, 153357, 2020
Advanced methods for point cloud processing and simplification
P Chmelar, L Rejfek, TN Nguyen, DH Ha
Applied Sciences 10 (10), 3340, 2020
Half-duplex energy harvesting relay network over different fading environment: system performance with effect of hardware impairment
DH Ha, STC Dong, TN Nguyen, TT Trang, M Voznak
Applied Sciences 9 (11), 2283, 2019
A novel secure protocol for mobile edge computing network applied downlink NOMA
DB Ha, VT Truong, DH Ha
Industrial Networks and Intelligent Systems: 6th EAI International …, 2020
Energy cost savings based on the UPS
PT Tin, DH Ha, M Tran, QS Vu
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 10 (4), 4237, 2020
Physical security layer with friendly jammer in half-duplex relaying networks over rayleigh fading channel: Intercept probability analysis
PT Tin, DH Ha, M Tran, TT Trang
Bulletin of Electrical Engineering and Informatics 9 (4), 1694-1700, 2020
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