Ludek Heller
Ludek Heller
FZU - Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
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Magnetostatic interactions and forces between cylindrical permanent magnets
D Vokoun, M Beleggia, L Heller, P Šittner
Journal of magnetism and Magnetic Materials 321 (22), 3758-3763, 2009
Grain-resolved analysis of localized deformation in nickel-titanium wire under tensile load
P Sedmák, J Pilch, L Heller, J Kopeček, J Wright, P Sedlák, M Frost, ...
Science 353 (6299), 559-562, 2016
Young’s modulus of austenite and martensite phases in superelastic NiTi wires
P Šittner, L Heller, J Pilch, C Curfs, T Alonso, D Favier
Journal of materials engineering and performance 23 (7), 2303-2314, 2014
Modal resonant ultrasound spectroscopy for ferroelastics
M Landa, P Sedlák, H Seiner, L Heller, L Bicanová, P Šittner, V Novák
Applied Physics A 96 (3), 557-567, 2009
Experimental identification of nonlinear dynamic properties of built-up structures
L Heller, E Foltete, J Piranda
Journal of Sound and Vibration 327 (1-2), 183-196, 2009
On the coupling between martensitic transformation and plasticity in NiTi: experiments and continuum based modelling
P Šittner, P Sedlák, H Seiner, P Sedmák, J Pilch, R Delville, L Heller, ...
Progress in Materials Science 98, 249-298, 2018
Roundrobin SMA modeling
P Sittner, L Heller, J Pilch, P Sedlak, M Frost, Y Chemisky, A Duval, ...
ESOMAT 2009-8th European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations, 08001, 2009
Beyond the strain recoverability of martensitic transformation in NiTi
L Heller, P Šittner, P Sedlák, H Seiner, O Tyc, L Kadeřávek, P Sedmák, ...
International Journal of Plasticity 116, 232-264, 2019
3D flexible NiTi-braided elastomer composites for smart structure applications
L Heller, D Vokoun, P Šittner, H Finckh
Smart Materials and Structures 21 (4), 045016, 2012
Fatigue performance of superelastic NiTi near stress-induced martensitic transformation
E Alarcon, L Heller, SA Chirani, P Šittner, J Kopeček, L Saint-Sulpice, ...
International Journal of Fatigue 95, 76-89, 2017
On the plastic deformation accompanying cyclic martensitic transformation in thermomechanically loaded NiTi
L Heller, H Seiner, P Šittner, P Sedlák, O Tyc, L Kadeřávek
International Journal of Plasticity 111, 53-71, 2018
Simulations of mechanical response of superelastic NiTi helical spring and its relation to fatigue resistance
P Sedlák, M Frost, A Kruisová, K Hiřmanová, L Heller, P Šittner
Journal of materials engineering and performance 23 (7), 2591-2598, 2014
Factors controlling superelastic damping capacity of SMAs
L Heller, P Šittner, J Pilch, M Landa
Journal of materials engineering and performance 18 (5), 603-611, 2009
Tensile deformation of superelastic NiTi wires in wide temperature and microstructure ranges
Y Chen, O Tyc, O Molnárová, L Heller, P Šittner
Shape Memory and Superelasticity 5 (1), 42-62, 2019
Monitoring tensile fatigue of superelastic NiTi wire in liquids by electrochemical potential
J Racek, M Stora, P Šittner, L Heller, J Kopeček, M Petrenec
Shape Memory and Superelasticity 1 (2), 204-230, 2015
Temperature and microstructure dependence of localized tensile deformation of superelastic NiTi wires
Y Chen, O Tyc, L Kadeřávek, O Molnarova, L Heller, P Šittner
Materials & Design 174, 107797, 2019
An original architectured NiTi silicone rubber structure for biomedical applications
T Rey, JB Le Cam, G Chagnon, D Favier, M Rebouah, F Razan, E Robin, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: C 45, 184-190, 2014
Modeling of IPMC cantilever’s displacements and blocking forces
D Vokoun, Q He, L Heller, M Yu, Z Dai
Journal of Bionic Engineering 12 (1), 142-151, 2015
Recoverability of large strains and deformation twinning in martensite during tensile deformation of NiTi shape memory alloy polycrystals
Y Chen, O Molnarova, O Tyc, L Kadeřávek, L Heller, P Šittner
Acta Materialia 180, 243-259, 2019
Final thermomechanical treatment of thin NiTi filaments for textile applications by electric current
J Pilch, L Heller, P Sittner
European Symposium on Martensitic Transformations, 05024, 2009
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