Carmine Autieri
Carmine Autieri
Polish Academy of Science
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Spin-Orbit Semimetal in the Two-Dimensional Limit
DJ Groenendijk, C Autieri, J Girovsky, MC Martinez-Velarte, N Manca, ...
Physical review letters 119 (25), 256403, 2017
Berry phase engineering at oxide interfaces
DJ Groenendijk, C Autieri, TC van Thiel, W Brzezicki, JR Hortensius, ...
Physical Review Research 2 (2), 023404, 2020
Persistent spin helix in Rashba-Dresselhaus ferroelectric
C Autieri, P Barone, J Sławińska, S Picozzi
Physical Review Materials 3 (8), 084416, 2019
Tunable spin polarization and electronic structure of bottom-up synthesized materials
R Islam, B Ghosh, C Autieri, S Chowdhury, A Bansil, A Agarwal, B Singh
Physical Review B 104 (20), L201112, 2021
Controlling magnetic exchange and anisotropy by nonmagnetic ligand substitution in layered (, Mn; , Se)
R Basnet, KM Kotur, M Rybak, C Stephenson, S Bishop, C Autieri, ...
Physical Review Research 4 (2), 023256, 2022
Limited Ferromagnetic Interactions in Monolayers of MPS3 (M = Mn and Ni)
C Autieri, G Cuono, C Noce, M Rybak, KM Kotur, CE Agrapidis, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126 (15), 6791-6802, 2022
Charge density wave instability and pressure-induced superconductivity in bulk
W Wang, B Wang, Z Gao, G Tang, W Lei, X Zheng, H Li, X Ming, C Autieri
Physical Review B 102 (15), 155115, 2020
Structural and electronic properties of heterostructures
C Autieri, M Cuoco, C Noce
Physical Review B 89 (7), 075102, 2014
Antiferromagnetic and xy ferro-orbital order in insulating SrRuO3 thin films with SrO termination
C Autieri
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 28 (42), 426004, 2016
First principles study of structural, magnetic and electronic properties of CrAs
C Autieri, C Noce
Philosophical Magazine 97 (34), 3276-3295, 2017
Balanced electron-hole transport in spin-orbit semimetal heterostructures
N Manca, DJ Groenendijk, I Pallecchi, C Autieri, LMK Tang, F Telesio, ...
Physical Review B 97 (8), 081105, 2018
Multiple band crossings and Fermi surface topology: role of double nonsymmorphic symmetries in MnP-type crystal structures
G Cuono, F Forte, M Cuoco, R Islam, J Luo, C Noce, C Autieri
Physical Review Materials 3 (9), 095004, 2019
Exchange interactions of in the bulk and at the surface
S Keshavarz, YO Kvashnin, DCM Rodrigues, M Pereiro, I Di Marco, ...
Physical Review B 95 (11), 115120, 2017
Polar Order and Frustrated Antiferromagnetism in Perovskite Pb2MnWO6 Single Crystals
SA Ivanov, AA Bush, AI Stash, KE Kamentsev, VY Shkuratov, ...
Inorganic chemistry 55 (6), 2791-2805, 2016
Designing three-dimensional flat bands in nodal-line semimetals
A Lau, T Hyart, C Autieri, A Chen, DI Pikulin
Physical Review X 11 (3), 031017, 2021
Structural transition, metallization, and superconductivity in quasi-two-dimensional layered under compression
W Lei, W Wang, X Ming, S Zhang, G Tang, X Zheng, H Li, C Autieri
Physical Review B 101 (20), 205149, 2020
Mechanism of structural phase transitions in
C Autieri, E Koch, E Pavarini
Physical Review B 89 (15), 155109, 2014
Coupling charge and topological reconstructions at polar oxide interfaces
TC Van Thiel, W Brzezicki, C Autieri, JR Hortensius, D Afanasiev, ...
Physical review letters 127 (12), 127202, 2021
Low energy bands and transport properties of chromium arsenide
C Autieri, G Cuono, F Forte, C Noce
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29 (22), 224004, 2017
A minimal tight-binding model for the quasi-one-dimensional superconductor K2Cr3As3
G Cuono, C Autieri, F Forte, MT Mercaldo, A Romano, A Avella, C Noce
New Journal of Physics 21 (6), 063027, 2019
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