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Lars Eklundh
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A simple method for reconstructing a high-quality NDVI time-series data set based on the Savitzky–Golay filter
J Chen, P Jönsson, M Tamura, Z Gu, B Matsushita, L Eklundh
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TIMESAT—a program for analyzing time-series of satellite sensor data
P Jönsson, L Eklundh
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Seasonality extraction by function fitting to time-series of satellite sensor data
P Jonsson, L Eklundh
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A recent greening of the Sahel—trends, patterns and potential causes
L Olsson, L Eklundh, J Ardö
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BW Heumann, JW Seaquist, L Eklundh, P Jönsson
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Vegetation index trends for the African Sahel 1982–1999
L Eklundh, L Olsson
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Continental-scale land surface phenology from harmonized Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 imagery
DK Bolton, JM Gray, EK Melaas, M Moon, L Eklundh, MA Friedl
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Precipitation controls Sahel greening trend
T Hickler, L Eklundh, JW Seaquist, B Smith, J Ardö, L Olsson, MT Sykes, ...
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Detecting changes in vegetation trends using time series segmentation
S Jamali, P Jönsson, L Eklundh, J Ardö, J Seaquist
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TIMESAT 3.1 software manual
L Eklundh, P Jönsson
Lund University, Sweden, 1-82, 2012
Estimation of diurnal air temperature using MSG SEVIRI data in West Africa
S Stisen, I Sandholt, A Nørgaard, R Fensholt, L Eklundh
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Performance of smoothing methods for reconstructing NDVI time-series and estimating vegetation phenology from MODIS data
Z Cai, P Jönsson, H Jin, L Eklundh
Remote Sensing 9 (12), 1271, 2017
A comparative analysis of standardised and unstandardised principal components analysis in remote sensing
L Eklundh, A Singh
International Journal of Remote Sensing 14 (7), 1359-1370, 1993
Impact of understory vegetation on forest canopy reflectance and remotely sensed LAI estimates
HM Eriksson, L Eklundh, A Kuusk, T Nilson
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Mapping insect defoliation in Scots pine with MODIS time-series data
L Eklundh, T Johansson, S Solberg
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Investigating relationships between Landsat ETM+ sensor data and leaf area index in a boreal conifer forest
L Eklundh, L Harrie, A Kuusk
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Annual changes in MODIS vegetation indices of Swedish coniferous forests in relation to snow dynamics and tree phenology
AM Jönsson, L Eklundh, M Hellström, L Bärring, P Jönsson
Remote Sensing of Environment 114 (11), 2719-2730, 2010
Challenges for drought mitigation in Africa: The potential use of geospatial data and drought information systems
SM Vicente-Serrano, S Beguería, L Gimeno, L Eklundh, G Giuliani, ...
Applied Geography 34, 471-486, 2012
A physically based vegetation index for improved monitoring of plant phenology
H Jin, L Eklundh
Remote Sensing of Environment 152, 512-525, 2014
Exploring the potential of MODIS EVI for modeling gross primary production across African ecosystems
M Sjöström, J Ardö, A Arneth, N Boulain, B Cappelaere, L Eklundh, ...
Remote sensing of environment 115 (4), 1081-1089, 2011
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