Anffany Chen
Anffany Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics at University of Alberta
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Chiral anomaly from strain-induced gauge fields in Dirac and Weyl semimetals
DI Pikulin, A Chen, M Franz
Physical Review X 6 (4), 041021, 2016
Quantum holography in a graphene flake with an irregular boundary
A Chen, R Ilan, F De Juan, DI Pikulin, M Franz
Physical review letters 121 (3), 036403, 2018
Superconducting proximity effect and Majorana flat bands at the surface of a Weyl semimetal
A Chen, M Franz
Physical Review B 93 (20), 201105, 2016
Hyperbolic matter in electrical circuits with tunable complex phases
A Chen, H Brand, T Helbig, T Hofmann, S Imhof, A Fritzsche, T Kießling, ...
Nature Communications 14 (1), 622, 2023
Designing three-dimensional flat bands in nodal-line semimetals
A Lau, T Hyart, C Autieri, A Chen, DI Pikulin
Physical Review X 11 (3), 031017, 2021
Measurement of the Reaction Cross Section in the Burning Energy Region for X-Ray Bursts
PJC Salter, M Aliotta, T Davinson, H Al Falou, A Chen, B Davids, ...
Physical Review Letters 108 (24), 242701, 2012
Josephson current signatures of Majorana flat bands on the surface of time-reversal-invariant Weyl and Dirac semimetals
A Chen, DI Pikulin, M Franz
Physical Review B 95 (17), 174505, 2017
Symmetry and topology of hyperbolic Haldane models
A Chen, Y Guan, PM Lenggenhager, J Maciejko, I Boettcher, T Bzdušek
Physical Review B 108 (8), 085114, 2023
Hyperbolic non-Abelian semimetal
T Tummuru, A Chen, PM Lenggenhager, T Neupert, J Maciejko, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2307.09876, 2023
Anderson localization transition in disordered hyperbolic lattices
A Chen, J Maciejko, I Boettcher
arXiv preprint arXiv:2310.07978, 2023
Hyperbolic Chern Insulators
A Chen, I Boettcher, T Bzdusek, J Maciejko, P Lenggenhager, Y Guan
Bulletin of the American Physical Society, 2023
Hyperbolic Matter in topolectric circuits: a novel experimental platform for topological states of matter
I Boettcher, R Thomale, A Chen, A Stegmaier, L Upreti, H Brand, T Helbig, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2022, M70. 008, 2022
Pauli Blocking Effect on 2D Trimers Near Feshbach Resonance
A Chen, F Zhou
APS Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Meeting Abstracts 2013 …, 2013
Nuclear recoil energy spectrum of finite-sized dark matter
A Chen
APS Northwest Section Meeting Abstracts 14, C3. 011, 2012
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