Nelson F. F. Ebecken
Nelson F. F. Ebecken
Professor of Computational Systems
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A genetic algorithm for cluster analysis
ER Hruschka, NFF Ebecken
Intelligent Data Analysis 7 (1), 15-25, 2003
Optimization of mass concrete construction using genetic algorithms
EMR Fairbairn, MM Silvoso, RD Toledo Filho, JLD Alves, NFF Ebecken
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Fault-tree analysis: a knowledge-engineering approach
JAB Geymayr, NFF Ebecken
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Extracting rules from multilayer perceptrons in classification problems: A clustering-based approach
ER Hruschka, NFF Ebecken
Neurocomputing 70 (1-3), 384-397, 2006
On extending f-measure and g-mean metrics to multi-class problems
RP Espíndola, NFF Ebecken
WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies 35, 2005
Bayesian networks for imputation in classification problems
ER Hruschka, ER Hruschka, NFF Ebecken
Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 29 (3), 231-252, 2007
Evaluating the correlation between objective rule interestingness measures and real human interest
DR Carvalho, AA Freitas, N Ebecken
European Conference on Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery …, 2005
FuzzyFTA: a fuzzy fault tree system for uncertainty analysis
ACF Guimarẽes, NFF Ebecken
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A KNN undersampling approach for data balancing
M Beckmann, NFF Ebecken, BSLP de Lima
Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications 7 (04), 104, 2015
Sugarcane yield prediction in Brazil using NDVI time series and neural networks ensemble
JL Fernandes, NFF Ebecken, JCDM Esquerdo
International Journal of Remote Sensing 38 (16), 4631-4644, 2017
Towards efficient variables ordering for Bayesian networks classifier
ER Hruschka Jr, NFF Ebecken
Data & Knowledge Engineering 63 (2), 258-269, 2007
Mineração de textos
NFF Ebecken, MCS Lopes, MCA COSTA
Sistemas inteligentes, 337-370, 2003
An optimized implementation of the Newmark/Newton‐Raphson algorithm for the time integration of non‐linear problems
BP Jacob, NFF Ebecken
Communications in Numerical Methods in Engineering 10 (12), 983-992, 1994
A comparison of models for uncertainty analysis by the finite element method
BSLP de Lima, NFF Ebecken
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design 34 (2), 211-232, 2000
Neural network model to predict a storm surge
MMF De Oliveira, NFF Ebecken, JLF De Oliveira, I de Azevedo Santos
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Feature selection by Bayesian networks
ER Hruschka, ER Hruschka, NFF Ebecken
Conference of the Canadian Society for Computational Studies of Intelligence …, 2004
Evaluating a nearest-neighbor method to substitute continuous missing values
ER Hruschka, ER Hruschka, NFF Ebecken
Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 723-734, 2003
A tecnologia de realidade virtual como recurso para formação em saúde pública à distância: uma aplicação para a aprendizagem dos procedimentos antropométricos
ECVC Barilli, NFF Ebecken, GG Cunha
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva 16, 1247-1256, 2011
Knowledge discovering for coastal waters classification
GC Pereira, NFF Ebecken
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (4), 8604-8609, 2009
Determination of probabilistic parameters of concrete: solving the inverse problem by using artificial neural networks
EMR Fairbairn, NFF Ebecken, CNM Paz, FJ Ulm
Computers & Structures 78 (1-3), 497-503, 2000
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