Reda Rawi
Reda Rawi
PostDoc, Qatar Computing Research Institute
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Potent SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies directed against spike N-terminal domain target a single supersite
G Cerutti, Y Guo, T Zhou, J Gorman, M Lee, M Rapp, ER Reddem, J Yu, ...
Cell host & microbe 29 (5), 819-833. e7, 2021
Epitope-based vaccine design yields fusion peptide-directed antibodies that neutralize diverse strains of HIV-1
K Xu, P Acharya, R Kong, C Cheng, GY Chuang, K Liu, MK Louder, ...
Nature medicine 24 (6), 857-867, 2018
DeepSol: a deep learning framework for sequence-based protein solubility prediction
S Khurana, R Rawi, K Kunji, GY Chuang, H Bensmail, R Mall
Bioinformatics 34 (15), 2605-2613, 2018
Quantification of the impact of the HIV-1-glycan shield on antibody elicitation
T Zhou, NA Doria-Rose, C Cheng, GBE Stewart-Jones, GY Chuang, ...
Cell reports 19 (4), 719-732, 2017
Crystal structures of trimeric HIV envelope with entry inhibitors BMS-378806 and BMS-626529
M Pancera, YT Lai, T Bylund, A Druz, S Narpala, S O'Dell, A Schön, ...
Nature chemical biology 13 (10), 1115-1122, 2017
Antibody lineages with vaccine-induced antigen-binding hotspots develop broad HIV neutralization
R Kong, H Duan, Z Sheng, K Xu, P Acharya, X Chen, C Cheng, ...
Cell 178 (3), 567-584. e19, 2019
Completeness of HIV-1 envelope glycan shield at transmission determines neutralization breadth
K Wagh, EF Kreider, Y Li, HJ Barbian, GH Learn, E Giorgi, PT Hraber, ...
Cell reports 25 (4), 893-908. e7, 2018
PaRSnIP: sequence-based protein solubility prediction using gradient boosting machine
R Rawi, R Mall, K Kunji, CH Shen, PD Kwong, GY Chuang
Bioinformatics 34 (7), 1092-1098, 2018
Longitudinal analysis reveals early development of three MPER-directed neutralizing antibody lineages from an HIV-1-infected individual
SJ Krebs, YD Kwon, CA Schramm, WH Law, G Donofrio, KH Zhou, S Gift, ...
Immunity 50 (3), 677-691. e13, 2019
A neutralizing antibody recognizing primarily N-linked glycan targets the silent face of the HIV envelope
T Zhou, A Zheng, U Baxa, GY Chuang, IS Georgiev, R Kong, S O’Dell, ...
Immunity 48 (3), 500-513. e6, 2018
Structural survey of broadly neutralizing antibodies targeting the HIV-1 Env trimer delineates epitope categories and characteristics of recognition
GY Chuang, J Zhou, P Acharya, R Rawi, CH Shen, Z Sheng, B Zhang, ...
Structure 27 (1), 196-206. e6, 2019
Surface-matrix screening identifies semi-specific interactions that improve potency of a near pan-reactive HIV-1-neutralizing antibody
YD Kwon, GY Chuang, B Zhang, RT Bailer, NA Doria-Rose, TS Gindin, ...
Cell reports 22 (7), 1798-1809, 2018
Structure of super-potent antibody CAP256-VRC26. 25 in complex with HIV-1 envelope reveals a combined mode of trimer-apex recognition
J Gorman, GY Chuang, YT Lai, CH Shen, JC Boyington, A Druz, H Geng, ...
Cell reports 31 (1), 2020
Complete functional mapping of infection-and vaccine-elicited antibodies against the fusion peptide of HIV
AS Dingens, P Acharya, HK Haddox, R Rawi, K Xu, GY Chuang, H Wei, ...
PLoS pathogens 14 (7), e1007159, 2018
Soluble prefusion closed DS-SOSIP. 664-Env trimers of diverse HIV-1 strains
MG Joyce, IS Georgiev, Y Yang, A Druz, H Geng, GY Chuang, Y Do Kwon, ...
Cell reports 21 (10), 2992-3002, 2017
Consistent elicitation of cross-clade HIV-neutralizing responses achieved in guinea pigs after fusion peptide priming by repetitive envelope trimer boosting
C Cheng, K Xu, R Kong, GY Chuang, AR Corrigan, H Geng, KR Hill, ...
PloS one 14 (4), e0215163, 2019
Preclinical development of a fusion peptide conjugate as an HIV vaccine immunogen
LI Ou, WP Kong, GY Chuang, M Ghosh, K Gulla, S O’Dell, J Varriale, ...
Scientific reports 10 (1), 3032, 2020
Automated design by structure-based stabilization and consensus repair to achieve prefusion-closed envelope trimers in a wide variety of HIV strains
R Rawi, L Rutten, YT Lai, AS Olia, S Blokland, J Juraszek, CH Shen, ...
Cell reports 33 (8), 2020
Accurate prediction for antibody resistance of clinical HIV-1 isolates
R Rawi, R Mall, CH Shen, SK Farney, A Shiakolas, J Zhou, H Bensmail, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 14696, 2019
BCrystal: an interpretable sequence-based protein crystallization predictor
A Elbasir, R Mall, K Kunji, R Rawi, Z Islam, GY Chuang, PR Kolatkar, ...
Bioinformatics 36 (5), 1429-1438, 2020
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