Thierry Le Bihan
Thierry Le Bihan
Senior Lecturer In Quantitative Proteomics
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Exosomes secreted by nematode parasites transfer small RNAs to mammalian cells and modulate innate immunity
AH Buck, G Coakley, F Simbari, HJ McSorley, JF Quintana, T Le Bihan, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5488, 2014
S-nitrosylation of NADPH oxidase regulates cell death in plant immunity
BW Yun, A Feechan, M Yin, NBB Saidi, T Le Bihan, M Yu, JW Moore, ...
Nature 478 (7368), 264-268, 2011
The FERM-domain protein Expanded regulates Hippo pathway activity via direct interactions with the transcriptional activator Yorkie
C Badouel, L Gardano, N Amin, A Garg, R Rosenfeld, T Le Bihan, ...
Developmental cell 16 (3), 411-420, 2009
A structurally distinct TGF-β mimic from an intestinal helminth parasite potently induces regulatory T cells
CJC Johnston, DJ Smyth, RB Kodali, MPJ White, Y Harcus, KJ Filbey, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1741, 2017
HpARI protein secreted by a helminth parasite suppresses interleukin-33
M Osbourn, DC Soares, F Vacca, ES Cohen, IC Scott, WF Gregory, ...
Immunity 47 (4), 739-751. e5, 2017
Nucleoredoxin guards against oxidative stress by protecting antioxidant enzymes
S Kneeshaw, R Keyani, V Delorme-Hinoux, L Imrie, GJ Loake, T Le Bihan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (31), 8414-8419, 2017
Determination of the secondary structure and conformation of puroindolines by infrared and Raman spectroscopy
T Le Bihan, JÉ Blochet, A Désormeaux, D Marion, M Pézolet
Biochemistry 35 (39), 12712-12722, 1996
Snapshots of pre-rRNA structural flexibility reveal eukaryotic 40S assembly dynamics at nucleotide resolution
RD Hector, E Burlacu, S Aitken, TL Bihan, M Tuijtel, A Zaplatina, AG Cook, ...
Nucleic acids research 42 (19), 12138-12154, 2014
An interaction network of the mammalian COP9 signalosome identifies Dda1 as a core subunit of multiple Cul4-based E3 ligases
MH Olma, M Roy, T Le Bihan, I Sumara, S Maerki, B Larsen, M Quadroni, ...
Journal of cell science 122 (7), 1035-1044, 2009
Study of the structure and phase behavior of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine by infrared spectroscopy: characterization of the pretransition and subtransition
T Le Bihan, M Pézolet
Chemistry and physics of lipids 94 (1), 13-33, 1998
Gel free analysis of the proteome of intracellular Leishmania mexicana
D Paape, ME Barrios-Llerena, T Le Bihan, L Mackay, T Aebischer
Molecular and biochemical parasitology 169 (2), 108-114, 2010
Proteome Turnover in the Green Alga Ostreococcus tauri by Time Course 15N Metabolic Labeling Mass Spectrometry
SF Martin, VS Munagapati, E Salvo-Chirnside, LE Kerr, T Le Bihan
Journal of proteome research 11 (1), 476-486, 2012
Erratum: Exosomes secreted by nematode parasites transfer small RNAs to mammalian cells and modulate innate immunity
AH Buck, G Coakley, F Simbari, HJ McSorley, JF Quintana, T Le Bihan, ...
Nature communications 6, 2015
Interactions among mitochondrial proteins altered in glioblastoma
RF Deighton, T Le Bihan, SF Martin, AMJ Gerth, M McCulloch, JM Edgar, ...
Journal of neuro-oncology 118, 247-256, 2014
Differential analysis of membrane proteins in mouse fore-and hindbrain using a label-free approach
T Le Bihan, T Goh, II Stewart, AM Salter, YV Bukhman, M Dharsee, ...
Journal of proteome research 5 (10), 2701-2710, 2006
Shotgun proteomic analysis of the unicellular alga Ostreococcus tauri
T Le Bihan, SF Martin, ES Chirnside, G van Ooijen, ME Barrios-LLerena, ...
Journal of proteomics 74 (10), 2060-2070, 2011
CIF-1, a Shared Subunit of the COP9/Signalosome and Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 3 Complexes, Regulates MEL-26 Levels in the Caenorhabditis elegans Embryo
S Luke-Glaser, M Roy, B Larsen, T Le Bihan, P Metalnikov, M Tyers, ...
Molecular and cellular biology 27 (12), 4526-4540, 2007
Proteomic Analysis of Mitochondria in APOE Transgenic Mice and in Response to an Ischemic Challenge
R James, JL Searcy, TL Bihan, SF Martin, CM Gliddon, J Povey, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 32 (1), 164-176, 2012
CPF-associated phosphatase activity opposes condensin-mediated chromosome condensation
V Vanoosthuyse, P Legros, SJA van Der Sar, G Yvert, K Toda, T Le Bihan, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (6), e1004415, 2014
On-line strong cation exchange μ-HPLC-ESI-MS/MS for protein identification and process optimization
T Le Bihan, HS Duewel, D Figeys
Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry 14 (7), 719-727, 2003
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