Hai-Zhou Lu
Hai-Zhou Lu
Professor of Physics, Southern University of Science and Technology
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Signatures of the Adler–Bell–Jackiw chiral anomaly in a Weyl fermion semimetal
CL Zhang, SY Xu, I Belopolski, Z Yuan, Z Lin, B Tong, G Bian, N Alidoust, ...
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Massive Dirac fermions and spin physics in an ultrathin film of topological insulator
HZ Lu, WY Shan, W Yao, Q Niu, SQ Shen
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Finite size effects on helical edge states in a quantum spin-Hall system
B Zhou, HZ Lu, RL Chu, SQ Shen, Q Niu
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HT He, G Wang, T Zhang, IK Sou, GKL Wong, JN Wang, HZ Lu, SQ Shen, ...
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Observation of the nonlinear Hall effect under time-reversal-symmetric conditions
Q Ma, SY Xu, H Shen, D MacNeill, V Fatemi, TR Chang, AM Mier Valdivia, ...
Nature 565 (7739), 337-342, 2019
Effective continuous model for surface states and thin films of three-dimensional topological insulators
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Negative magnetoresistance in Dirac semimetal Cd3As2
H Li, H He, HZ Lu, H Zhang, H Liu, R Ma, Z Fan, SQ Shen, J Wang
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Competition between weak localization and antilocalization in topological surface states
HZ Lu, J Shi, SQ Shen
Physical Review Letters 107 (7), 076801, 2011
Gate-tunable negative longitudinal magnetoresistance in the predicted type-II Weyl semimetal WTe2
Y Wang, E Liu, H Liu, Y Pan, L Zhang, J Zeng, Y Fu, M Wang, K Xu, ...
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Weak localization of bulk channels in topological insulator thin films
HZ Lu, SQ Shen
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Elastic pseudospin transport for integratable topological phononic circuits
SY Yu, C He, Z Wang, FK Liu, XC Sun, Z Li, HZ Lu, MH Lu, XP Liu, ...
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Quantum Hall effect based on Weyl orbits in Cd 3 As 2
C Zhang, Y Zhang, X Yuan, S Lu, J Zhang, A Narayan, Y Liu, H Zhang, ...
Nature 565 (7739), 331-336, 2019
Tunable Fano effect in parallel-coupled double quantum dot system
H Lu, R Lü, B Zhu
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Topological semimetals with a double-helix nodal link
W Chen, HZ Lu, JM Hou
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Layer Hall effect in a 2D topological axion antiferromagnet
A Gao, YF Liu, C Hu, JX Qiu, C Tzschaschel, B Ghosh, SC Ho, D Bérubé, ...
Nature 595 (7868), 521-525, 2021
Disorder-induced nonlinear Hall effect with time-reversal symmetry
ZZ Du, CM Wang, S Li, HZ Lu, XC Xie
Nature communications 10 (1), 3047, 2019
High-field magnetoconductivity of topological semimetals with short-range potential
HZ Lu, SB Zhang, SQ Shen
Physical Review B 92 (4), 045203, 2015
Intervalley scattering and localization behaviors of spin-valley coupled Dirac fermions
HZ Lu, W Yao, D Xiao, SQ Shen
Physical Review Letters 110, 016806, 2013
Nonlinear Hall effects
ZZ Du, HZ Lu, XC Xie
Nature Reviews Physics 3 (11), 744-752, 2021
3D quantum Hall effect of Fermi arcs in topological semimetals
CM Wang, HP Sun, HZ Lu, XC Xie
Physical review letters 119 (13), 136806, 2017
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