Yafei Wu
Ore-forming processes of the Daqiao epizonal orogenic gold deposit, West Qinling orogen, China: Constraints from textures, trace elements, and sulfur isotopes of pyrite and …
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Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous age of the Daqiao gold deposit, West Qinling Orogen, China: implications for regional metallogeny
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A TEM study of particles carried by ascending gas flows from the Bairendaba lead-zinc deposit, Inner Mongolia, China
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内蒙古东升庙海西期岩体锆石 U-Pb 年龄及 Hf 同位素特征
吴亚飞, 曾键年, 曹建劲, 吴政权, 陈津华, 周树达, 陆顺富, 李小芬
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宁镇地区燕山期侵入岩锆石 U-Pb 定年: 长江中下游新一期成岩成矿作用的年代学证据
王小龙, 曾键年, 马昌前, 李小芬, 吴亚飞, 陆顺富
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Occurrence and remobilization of gold in the Dayingezhuang deposit in Jiaodong, North China Craton: Evidence from textural and geochemical features of pyrite
ZZ Yuan, ZK Li, JW Li, XF Zhao, YF Wu, HJ Xu, HS Sun
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Garnet secondary ion mass spectrometry oxygen isotopes reveal crucial roles of pulsed magmatic fluid and its mixing with meteoric water in lode gold genesis
GH Fan, JW Li, JW Valley, MR Scicchitano, PE Brown, JH Yang, ...
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Recognition of late Paleoproterozoic gold mineralization in the North China craton: Evidence from multi-mineral U-Pb geochronology and stable isotopes of the Shanggong deposit
SR Zhao, JW Li, CRM McFarlane, PT Robinson, ZK Li, YF Wu, XF Zhao, ...
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Characteristics and genesis of the silicified breccias in the Daqiao gold deposit, West Qinling Orogen
Z Zhang, Y Wu, J Li
Geological Science and Technology Information 37 (2), 79-88, 2018
宁芜盆地吉山铁矿床辉长闪长玢岩 SHRIMP 锆石 U-Pb 定年及其地质意义
李锦伟, 陈津华, 曾键年, 陆建培, 张燕霞, 李小芬, 吴亚飞, 陆顺富
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Complex fluid source of the multistage pyrite-bearing Huilvshan gold deposit (west Junggar, NW China): Insight from pyrite texture, sulfur isotope and trace element compositions
H Zhang, Y Zhu, S Salvi, Y Wu, S Gilbert
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A metamorphic devolatilization model for the genesis of the Baiyun gold deposit in the North China Craton: A novel Fe-S isotopes perspective
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An Early Cretaceous gold mineralization event in the Triassic West Qinling orogen revealed from U-Pb titanite dating of the Ma’anqiao gold deposit
C He, J Li, DJ Kontak, X Jin, Y Wu, H Hu, B Zu, X Yu, S Zhao, S Du, Y Zhu, ...
Science China Earth Sciences 66 (2), 316-333, 2023
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