Njal Rollinson
Njal Rollinson
Assistant Professor - University of Toronto - Ecol & Evol Biol | School of the Environment
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The thermal ecology and physiology of reptiles and amphibians: A user's guide
EN Taylor, LM Diele‐Viegas, EJ Gangloff, JM Hall, B Halpern, MD Massey, ...
Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative …, 2021
Are all eggs created equal? Food availability and the fitness trade‐off between reproduction and immunity
ZR Stahlschmidt, N Rollinson, M Acker, SA Adamo
Functional Ecology 27 (3), 800-806, 2013
Environmental quality predicts optimal egg size in the wild
N Rollinson, JA Hutchings
American Naturalist, 2013
The relationship between offspring size and fitness: integrating theory and empiricism
N Rollinson, JA Hutchings
Ecology 94 (2), 315-324, 2013
The positive correlation between maternal size and offspring size: fitting pieces of a life‐history puzzle
N Rollinson, L Rowe
Biological Reviews 91 (4), 1134-1148, 2016
Indeterminate growth in long-lived freshwater turtles as a component of individual fitness
JD Congdon, JW Gibbons, RJ Brooks, N Rollinson, RN Tsaliagos
Evolutionary Ecology 27, 445-459, 2013
Persistent directional selection on body size and a resolution to the paradox of stasis
N Rollinson, L Rowe
Evolution 69 (9), 2441-2451, 2015
Thermoregulation when the growing season is short: sex-biased basking patterns in a northern population of painted turtles (Chrysemys picta)
MA Carrière, N Rollinson, AN Suley, RJ Brooks
Journal of Herpetology 42 (1), 206-209, 2008
Optimal offspring provisioning when egg size is “constrained”: a case study with the painted turtle Chrysemys picta
N Rollinson, RJ Brooks
Oikos 117 (1), 144-151, 2008
Why does egg size increase with maternal size? Effects of egg size and egg density on offspring phenotypes in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
N Rollinson, JA Hutchings
Evolutionary Ecology Research 12, 949–960, 2010
Risk assessment of inbreeding and outbreeding depression in a captive‐breeding program
N Rollinson, DM Keith, ALS Houde, PV Debes, MC Mcbride, JA Hutchings
Conservation Biology 28 (2), 529-540, 2014
Overwintering habitats of a northern population of Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta): winter temperature selection and dissolved oxygen concentrations
N Rollinson, GJ Tattersall, RJ Brooks
Journal of Herpetology 42 (2), 312-321, 2008
Marking nests increases the frequency of nest depredation in a northern population of painted turtles (Chrysemys picta)
N Rollinson, RJ Brooks
Journal of Herpetology 41 (1), 174-176, 2007
Subtle individual variation in indeterminate growth leads to major variation in survival and lifetime reproductive output in a long‐lived reptile
DP Armstrong, MG Keevil, N Rollinson, RJ Brooks
Functional Ecology 32 (3), 752-761, 2018
Temperature-dependent oxygen limitation and the rise of Bergmann's rule in species with aquatic respiration
N Rollinson, L Rowe
Evolution 72 (4), 977-988, 2018
Proximate constraints on reproductive output in a northern population of Painted Turtles: An empirical test of the bet-hedging paradigm
N Rollinson, RJ Brooks
Canadian Journal of Zoology 85 (2), 177-184, 2007
Phenotypic plasticity of nest timing in a post‐glacial landscape: how do reptiles adapt to seasonal time constraints?
CB Edge, N Rollinson, RJ Brooks, JD Congdon, JB Iverson, FJ Janzen, ...
Ecology 98 (2), 512-524, 2017
Widespread reproductive variation in North American turtles: temperature, egg size and optimality
N Rollinson, RG Farmer, RJ Brooks
Zoology 115 (3), 160-169, 2012
Body size-specific maternal effects on the offspring environment shape juvenile phenotypes in Atlantic salmon
N Rollinson, JA Hutchings
Oecologia 166, 889-898, 2011
Anthropogenic nest sites provide warmer incubation environments than natural nest sites in a population of oviparous reptiles near their northern range limit
EA Francis, PD Moldowan, MA Greischar, N Rollinson
Oecologia 190, 511-522, 2019
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