Christopher J. Devine
Christopher J. Devine
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Dayton
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Ideological social identity: Psychological attachment to ideological in-groups as a political phenomenon and a behavioral influence
CJ Devine
Political Behavior 37 (3), 509-535, 2015
In the eye of the beholder? Motivated reasoning in disputed elections
KC Kopko, SMK Bryner, J Budziak, CJ Devine, SP Nawara
Political behavior 33 (2), 271-290, 2011
Racial attitude effects on voting in the 2008 presidential election: Examining the unconventional factors shaping vote choice in a most unconventional election
HF Weisberg, CJ Devine
Electoral Studies 29 (4), 569-581, 2010
Social issues, authoritarianism, and ideological conceptualization: How policy dimensions and psychological factors influence ideological labeling
CJ Devine
Political Psychology 33 (4), 531-552, 2012
Partisan defection and change in the 2008 US presidential election
HF Weisberg, CJ Devine
Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties 20 (2), 213-240, 2010
The Vice Presidential Home State Advantage Reconsidered: Analyzing the Interactive Effect of Home State Population and Political Experience, 1884‐2008
CJ Devine, KC Kopko
Presidential Studies Quarterly 41 (1), 1-17, 2011
Presidential Versus Vice Presidential Home State Advantage: A Comparative Analysis of Electoral Significance, Causes, and Processes, 1884‐2008
CJ Devine, KC Kopko
Presidential Studies Quarterly 43 (4), 814-838, 2013
The VP advantage: how running mates influence home state voting in presidential elections
CJ Devine, KC Kopko
Manchester University Press, 2016
Oh, the Places They'll Go: The Geography and Political Strategy of Presidential Campaign Visits in 2016
CJ Devine
Studies of Communication in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, 45-68, 2018
What if Hillary Clinton Had Gone to Wisconsin? Presidential Campaign Visits and Vote Choice in the 2016 Election
CJ Devine
The Forum 16 (2), 211-234, 2018
Ideological Social Identity: How Psychological Attachment to Ideological Groups Shapes Political Attitudes and Behaviors
CJ Devine
The Ohio State University, 2011
Do Running Mates Matter? The Influence of Vice Presidential Candidates in Presidential Elections
CJ Devine, KC Kopko
Closing the Gap: Collaborating with Research Librarians to Improve Information Literacy in the Political Science Classroom
CJ Devine, H Gauder, MC Pautz
Journal of Political Science Education 17 (4), 560-577, 2021
The Gender Citation Gap in Undergraduate Student Research: Evidence from the Political Science Classroom
LY Liu, CJ Devine, H Gauder
PS: Political Science & Politics 53 (4), 729-733, 2020
The Libertarian Party
CJ Devine
Beyond Donkeys and Elephants: Minor Political Parties in Contemporary …, 2020
5 Things You Need to Know About How Third-Party Candidates Did in 2016
CJ Devine, KC Kopko
The Washington Post, 2016
The Politics of the Presidential Medal of Freedom: A Fifty-Year Analysis, 1963-2013
KC Kopko, EF McClellan, CJ Devine, JE Casey, JL Ward
The New England Journal of Political Science 8 (2), 156, 2015
Is Anxiety About Immigration a Response to Perceptions of Risk or Uncertainty?
S Bryner, C Devine, M Neblo
Why Liberals Don‟ t Call Themselves Liberals: An Empirical Assessment of Party Elites‟ Disparate Use of Ideological and Group-Based Public Rhetoric
CJ Devine
Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association. Chicago, 2010
Did Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Cost Hillary Clinton the Presidency? A Counterfactual Analysis of Minor Party Voting in the 2016 US Presidential Election
CJ Devine, KC Kopko
The Forum 19 (2), 173-201, 2021
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