Lee Hunt
Lee Hunt
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The signaling peptide EPF2 controls asymmetric cell divisions during stomatal development
L Hunt, JE Gray
Current Biology 19 (10), 864-869, 2009
Genetic manipulation of stomatal density influences stomatal size, plant growth and tolerance to restricted water supply across a growth carbon dioxide gradient
T Doheny-Adams, L Hunt, PJ Franks, DJ Beerling, JE Gray
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 367 …, 2012
Reducing stomatal density in barley improves drought tolerance without impacting on yield
J Hughes, C Hepworth, C Dutton, JA Dunn, L Hunt, J Stephens, R Waugh, ...
Plant physiology 174 (2), 776-787, 2017
Phospholipase C is required for the control of stomatal aperture by ABA
L Hunt, LN Mills, C Pical, CP Leckie, FL Aitken, J Kopka, ...
The Plant Journal 34 (1), 47-55, 2003
NAD–new roles in signalling and gene regulation in plants
L Hunt, F Lerner, M Ziegler
New Phytologist 163 (1), 31-44, 2004
The signalling peptide EPFL9 is a positive regulator of stomatal development
L Hunt, KJ Bailey, JE Gray
New Phytologist 186 (3), 609-614, 2010
Manipulating stomatal density enhances drought tolerance without deleterious effect on nutrient uptake
C Hepworth, T Doheny‐Adams, L Hunt, DD Cameron, JE Gray
New Phytologist 208 (2), 336-341, 2015
Nicotinamidase activity is important for germination
L Hunt, MJ Holdsworth, JE Gray
The Plant Journal 51 (3), 341-351, 2007
Gene‐specific expression and calcium activation of Arabidopsis thaliana phospholipase C isoforms
L Hunt, L Otterhag, JC Lee, T Lasheen, J Hunt, M Seki, K Shinozaki, ...
New Phytologist 162 (3), 643-654, 2004
Stomatal function requires pectin de-methyl-esterification of the guard cell wall
S Amsbury, L Hunt, N Elhaddad, A Baillie, M Lundgren, Y Verhertbruggen, ...
Current Biology 26 (21), 2899-2906, 2016
Calcium‐based signalling systems in guard cells
CLKY Ng, MR Mcainsh, JE Gray, LE Hunt, CP Leckie, L Mills, ...
New Phytologist 151 (1), 109-120, 2001
The effects of manipulating phospholipase C on guard cell ABA‐signalling
LN Mills, L Hunt, CP Leckie, FL Aitken, M Wentworth, MR McAinsh, ...
Journal of experimental botany 55 (395), 199-204, 2004
Reduced stomatal density in bread wheat leads to increased water-use efficiency
J Dunn, L Hunt, M Afsharinafar, MA Meselmani, A Mitchell, R Howells, ...
Journal of experimental botany 70 (18), 4737-4748, 2019
The relationship between pyridine nucleotides and seed dormancy
L Hunt, JE Gray
New Phytologist 181 (1), 62-70, 2009
Formation of the stomatal outer cuticular ledge requires a guard cell wall proline-rich protein
L Hunt, S Amsbury, A Baillie, M Movahedi, A Mitchell, M Afsharinafar, ...
Plant Physiology 174 (2), 689-699, 2017
Mesophyll porosity is modulated by the presence of functional stomata
MR Lundgren, A Mathers, AL Baillie, J Dunn, MJ Wilson, L Hunt, R Pajor, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-10, 2019
A shift toward smaller cell size via manipulation of cell cycle gene expression acts to smoothen Arabidopsis leaf shape
A Kuwabara, A Backhaus, R Malinowski, M Bauch, L Hunt, T Nagata, ...
Plant physiology 156 (4), 2196-2206, 2011
ABA signalling: A messenger's FIERY fate
L Hunt, JE Gray
Current Biology 11 (23), R968-R970, 2001
Light-induced stomatal opening is affected by the guard cell protein kinase APK1b
NS Elhaddad, L Hunt, J Sloan, JE Gray
PLoS One 9 (5), e97161, 2014
Intercellular peptide signals regulate plant meristematic cell fate decisions
JE Gray, S Casson, L Hunt
Science signaling 1 (49), pe53-pe53, 2008
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