Rair Macêdo
Rair Macêdo
Lecturer in Electrodynamics and Spin Electronics, University of Glasgow
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Advances in magnetics roadmap on spin-wave computing
AV Chumak, P Kabos, M Wu, C Abert, C Adelmann, AO Adeyeye, ...
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 58 (6), 1-72, 2022
Apparent ferromagnetism in the pinwheel artificial spin ice
R Macêdo, GM Macauley, FS Nascimento, RL Stamps
Physical Review B 98 (1), 014437, 2018
Spin canting induced nonreciprocal Goos-Hänchen shifts
R Macêdo, RL Stamps, T Dumelow
Optics express 22 (23), 28467-28478, 2014
Control of the coupling strength and linewidth of a cavity magnon-polariton
I Boventer, C Dörflinger, T Wolz, R Macêdo, R Lebrun, M Kläui, M Weides
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Superferromagnetism and domain-wall topologies in artificial “pinwheel” spin ice
Y Li, GW Paterson, GM Macauley, FS Nascimento, C Ferguson, ...
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Far-infrared slab lensing and subwavelength imaging in crystal quartz
RE da Silva, R Macêdo, T Dumelow, JAP Da Costa, SB Honorato, ...
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Engineering terahertz surface magnon-polaritons in hyperbolic antiferromagnets
R Macêdo, RE Camley
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Tunable all-angle negative refraction using antiferromagnets
R Macêdo, T Dumelow
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Emergent asymmetries and enhancement in the absorption of natural hyperbolic crystals
X Wu, CA McEleney, M González-Jiménez, R Macêdo
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Using phonon resonances as a route to all-angle negative refraction in the far-infrared region: the case of crystal quartz
RR da Silva, RM da Silva, T Dumelow, JAP da Costa, SB Honorato, ...
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Steering between level repulsion and attraction: broad tunability of two-port driven cavity magnon-polaritons
I Boventer, M Kläui, R Macêdo, M Weides
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Tunable focusing in natural hyperbolic magnetic media
R Macêdo, T Dumelow, RL Stamps
ACS Photonics 3 (9), 1670-1677, 2016
Introducing coherent time control to cavity magnon-polariton modes
T Wolz, A Stehli, A Schneider, I Boventer, R Macêdo, AV Ustinov, M Kläui, ...
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Microscopic origin of level attraction for a coupled magnon-photon system in a microwave cavity
I Proskurin, R Macêdo, RL Stamps
New Journal of Physics 21 (9), 095003, 2019
Using magnetic hyperbolic metamaterials as high frequency tunable filters
R Macêdo, KL Livesey, RE Camley
Applied Physics Letters 113 (12), 121104, 2018
Twist-induced near-field thermal switch using nonreciprocal surface magnon-polaritons
J Peng, G Tang, L Wang, R Macêdo, H Chen, J Ren
ACS Photonics 8 (8), 2183-2189, 2021
Tunable hyperbolic media: Magnon-polaritons in canted antiferromagnets
R Macêdo
Solid State Physics 72, 93-157, 2021
Beam shifts on reflection of electromagnetic radiation off anisotropic crystals at optic phonon frequencies
R Macêdo, T Dumelow
Journal of Optics 15 (1), 014013, 2013
Tuning magnetic order with geometry: Thermalization and defects in two-dimensional artificial spin ices
GM Macauley, GW Paterson, Y Li, R Macêdo, S McVitie, RL Stamps
Physical Review B 101 (14), 144403, 2020
Strong magnon–photon coupling with chip-integrated YIG in the zero-temperature limit
PG Baity, DA Bozhko, R Macêdo, W Smith, RC Holland, S Danilin, ...
Applied Physics Letters 119 (3), 033502, 2021
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