Sönke Eggers
Sönke Eggers
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Persistent negative effects of pesticides on biodiversity and biological control potential on European farmland
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M Öberg, D Arlt, T Pärt, AT Laugen, S Eggers, M Low
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Habitat‐specific differences in adult survival rates and its links to parental workload and on‐nest predation
M Low, D Arlt, S Eggers, T Pärt
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The multifunctional roles of vegetated strips around and within agricultural fields
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Impact of forestry practices on fitness correlates and population productivity in an open‐nesting bird species
M Griesser, M Nystrand, S Eggers, J Ekman
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M Griesser, M Nystrand, S Eggers, J Ekman
Behavioral Ecology 19 (2), 317-324, 2008
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