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Davide Galassi
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Overview of the JET results in support to ITER
X Litaudon, S Abduallev, M Abhangi, P Abreu, M Afzal, KM Aggarwal, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (10), 102001, 2017
The TOKAM3X code for edge turbulence fluid simulations of tokamak plasmas in versatile magnetic geometries
P Tamain, H Bufferand, G Ciraolo, C Colin, D Galassi, P Ghendrih, ...
Journal of Computational Physics 321, 606-623, 2016
Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium–tritium operation with the ITER like-wall
E Joffrin, S Abduallev, M Abhangi, P Abreu, V Afanasev, M Afzal, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112021, 2019
Overview of JET results for optimising ITER operation
J Mailloux, N Abid, K Abraham, P Abreu, O Adabonyan, P Adrich, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042026, 2022
Physics research on the TCV tokamak facility: from conventional to alternative scenarios and beyond
S Coda, M Agostini, R Albanese, S Alberti, E Alessi, S Allan, J Allcock, ...
Nuclear Fusion 59 (11), 112023, 2019
DEMO reactor design using the new modular system code SYCOMORE
C Reux, L Di Gallo, F Imbeaux, JF Artaud, P Bernardi, J Bucalossi, ...
Nuclear Fusion 55 (7), 073011, 2015
SOLPS-ITER simulations of the TCV divertor upgrade
M Wensing, BP Duval, O Février, A Fil, D Galassi, E Havlickova, A Perek, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 61 (8), 085029, 2019
Overview of the TCV tokamak experimental programme
H Reimerdes, M Agostini, E Alessi, S Alberti, Y Andrebe, H Arnichand, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (4), 042018, 2022
Dependence on plasma shape and plasma fueling for small edge-localized mode regimes in TCV and ASDEX Upgrade
B Labit, T Eich, GF Harrer, E Wolfrum, M Bernert, MG Dunne, L Frassinetti, ...
Nuclear fusion 59 (8), 086020, 2019
Initial TCV operation with a baffled divertor
H Reimerdes, BP Duval, H Elaian, A Fasoli, O Février, C Theiler, ...
Nuclear Fusion 61 (2), 024002, 2021
High fusion performance at high Ti/Te in JET-ILW baseline plasmas with high NBI heating power and low gas puffing
HT Kim, ACC Sips, M Romanelli, CD Challis, F Rimini, L Garzotti, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (3), 036020, 2018
Drive of parallel flows by turbulence and large-scale E× B transverse transport in divertor geometry
D Galassi, P Tamain, H Bufferand, G Ciraolo, P Ghendrih, C Baudoin, ...
Nuclear Fusion 57 (3), 036029, 2017
14 MeV calibration of JET neutron detectors—phase 1: calibration and characterization of the neutron source
P Batistoni, S Popovichev, A Cufar, Z Ghani, L Giacomelli, S Jednorog, ...
Nuclear Fusion 58 (2), 026012, 2017
Impact of the plasma geometry on divertor power exhaust: experimental evidence from TCV and simulations with SolEdge2D and TOKAM3X
A Gallo, N Fedorczak, S Elmore, R Maurizio, H Reimerdes, C Theiler, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 (1), 014007, 2017
W transport and accumulation control in the termination phase of JET H-mode discharges and implications for ITER
F Köchl, A Loarte, E De La Luna, V Parail, G Corrigan, D Harting, I Nunes, ...
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 60 (7), 074008, 2018
Implementation of drift velocities and currents in SOLEDGE2D–EIRENE
H Bufferand, C Baudoin, J Bucalossi, G Ciraolo, J Denis, N Fedorczak, ...
Nuclear Materials and Energy 12, 852-857, 2017
The GBS code for the self-consistent simulation of plasma turbulence and kinetic neutral dynamics in the tokamak boundary
M Giacomin, P Ricci, A Coroado, G Fourestey, D Galassi, E Lanti, ...
Journal of Computational Physics 463, 111294, 2022
Divertor closure effects on the TCV boundary plasma
O Février, H Reimerdes, C Theiler, D Brida, C Colandrea, H De Oliveira, ...
Nuclear Materials and Energy 27, 100977, 2021
Validation of edge turbulence codes against the TCV-X21 diverted L-mode reference case
DS Oliveira, T Body, D Galassi, C Theiler, E Laribi, P Tamain, A Stegmeir, ...
Nuclear Fusion 62 (9), 096001, 2022
Interchange Turbulence Model for the Edge Plasma in SOLEDGE2D‐EIRENE
H Bufferand, G Ciraolo, P Ghendrih, Y Marandet, J Bucalossi, C Colin, ...
Contributions to Plasma Physics 56 (6‐8), 555-562, 2016
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