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VI Simón‐Porcar, R Santos‐Gally, J Arroyo
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Ovarian self-incompatibility in Narcissus papyraceus (Amaryllidaceae) is the result of a pre-zygotic response
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Late-acting self-incompatibility and a narrow floral tube as underlying stylar dimorphism in Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae)
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Phylogeny and systematics of the western Mediterranean Vella pseudocytisus-V. aspera complex (Brassicaceae)
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Using floristics, modern systematics and phylogenetics for disentangling biodiversity hotspots across scales: a Mediterranean case study
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Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant …, 2018
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The Landscape of the Sierra Nevada: A Unique Laboratory of Global Processes …, 2022
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