Vaclav Paidar
Vaclav Paidar
Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences
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A theory of the anomalous yield behavior in L12 ordered alloys
V Paidar, DP Pope, V Vitek
Acta Metallurgica 32 (3), 435-448, 1984
Dissociation and core structure of 〈110〉 screw dislocations in L12 ordered alloys I. Core structure in an unstressed crystal
M Yamaguchi, V Paidar, DP Pope, V Vitek
Philosophical Magazine A 45 (5), 867-882, 1982
The tension/compression flow stress asymmetry in Ni3 (Al, Nb) single crystals
SS Ezz, DP Pope, V Paidar
Acta Metallurgica 30 (5), 921-926, 1982
Dissociation and core structure of 〈110〉 screw dislocations in L12 ordered alloys II. Effects of an applied shear stress
V Paidar, M Yamaguchi, DP Pope, V Vitek
Philosophical Magazine A 45 (5), 883-894, 1982
Solute segregation and classification of [100] tilt grain boundaries in α-iron: consequences for grain boundary engineering
P Lejček, S Hofmann, V Paidar
Acta Materialia 51 (13), 3951-3963, 2003
Non-planar dislocation cores: a ubiquitous phenomenon affecting mechanical properties of crystalline materials
V Vitek, V Paidar
Dislocations in solids 14, 439-514, 2008
A classification of symmetrical grain boundaries
V Paidar
Acta Metallurgica 35 (8), 2035-2048, 1987
Interfacial segregation and grain boundary embrittlement: An overview and critical assessment of experimental data and calculated results
P Lejček, M Šob, V Paidar
Progress in Materials Science 87, 83-139, 2017
A study of the applicability of many-body central force potentials in NiAl and TiAl
V Paidar, LG Wang, M Sob, V Vitek
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 7 (3), 369, 1999
Compatibility stresses in deformed bicrystals
J Gemperlova, V Paidar, F Kroupa
Czechoslovak Journal of Physics B 39 (4), 427-446, 1989
Structural stability and deformation behavior of L12 ordered alloys
V Paidar, DP Pope, M Yamaguchi
Scripta Metallurgica 15 (9), 1029-1031, 1981
Superplastic deformation carried by grain boundaries
V Paidar, S Takeuchi
Acta metallurgica et materialia 40 (7), 1773-1782, 1992
Segregation and corrosion behaviour of incommensurate 45°[100] grain boundaries in an Fe Si alloy: The role of grain boundary plane orientation
P Lejcek, V Paidar, J Adamek, S Hofmann
Acta materialia 45 (9), 3915-3926, 1997
Geometry of asymmetrical grain boundaries
V Paidar
Philosophical Magazine A 66 (1), 41-54, 1992
A model for the anomalous mechanical properties of nickel-base L12 ordered alloys—I. Dislocations dynamics
D Caillard, V Paidar
Acta materialia 44 (7), 2759-2771, 1996
Observation and interpretation of grain boundary compatibility effects in Fe-3.3 wt% Si bicrystals
P Šittner, V Paidar
Acta Metallurgica 37 (7), 1717-1726, 1989
The structure and energy of antiphase boundaries in Ll2 alloys
V Paidar
Acta Metallurgica 33 (10), 1803-1811, 1985
Why calculated energies of grain boundary segregation are unreliable when segregant solubility is low
P Lejček, M Šob, V Paidar, V Vitek
Scripta Materialia 68 (8), 547-550, 2013
Why is the slip direction different in different B2 alloys?
YS Lin, M Cak, V Paidar, V Vitek
Acta materialia 60 (3), 881-888, 2012
On the fracture path and the intergranular phosphorus distribution in phosphorus-doped Fe Si symmetrical bicrystals
M Menyhard, B Rothman, CJ McMahon Jr, P Lejcek, V Paidar
Acta metallurgica et materialia 39 (6), 1289-1295, 1991
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