Panayiotis (Takis) Benos
Panayiotis (Takis) Benos
William Bushnell Presidential Chaired Professor
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The Genome Sequence of Drosophila melanogaster
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ComiR: combinatorial microRNA target prediction tool
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P-Element Insertion Alleles of Essential Genes on the Third Chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster Correlation of Physical and Cytogenetic Maps in …
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DNA familial binding profiles made easy: comparison of various motif alignment and clustering strategies
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Probabilistic code for DNA recognition by proteins of the EGR family
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Myofibroblast transcriptome indicates SFRP2hi fibroblast progenitors in systemic sclerosis skin
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Human transcriptome subtraction by using short sequence tags to search for tumor viruses in conjunctival carcinoma
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Transcriptional regulatory model of fibrosis progression in the human lung
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JCI insight 4 (22), 2019
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