Tianbao Yang
Tianbao Yang
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Combining link and content for community detection: a discriminative approach
T Yang, R Jin, Y Chi, S Zhu
Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge …, 2009
Nyström method vs random fourier features: A theoretical and empirical comparison
T Yang, YF Li, M Mahdavi, R Jin, ZH Zhou
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Hetero-convlstm: A deep learning approach to traffic accident prediction on heterogeneous spatio-temporal data
Z Yuan, X Zhou, T Yang
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Detecting communities and their evolutions in dynamic social networks—a Bayesian approach
T Yang, Y Chi, S Zhu, Y Gong, R Jin
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Weakly-convex–concave min–max optimization: provable algorithms and applications in machine learning
H Rafique, M Liu, Q Lin, T Yang
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Trading regret for efficiency: online convex optimization with long term constraints
M Mahdavi, R Jin, T Yang
The Journal of Machine Learning Research 13 (1), 2503-2528, 2012
Online AUC maximization
P Zhao, SCH Hoi, R Jin, T Yang
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Online optimization with gradual variations
CK Chiang, T Yang, CJ Lee, M Mahdavi, CJ Lu, R Jin, S Zhu
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Learning attributes equals multi-source domain generalization
C Gan, T Yang, B Gong
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2016
Hyper-class augmented and regularized deep learning for fine-grained image classification
S Xie, T Yang, X Wang, Y Lin
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2015
Unified convergence analysis of stochastic momentum methods for convex and non-convex optimization
T Yang, Q Lin, Z Li
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A machine learning approach for air quality prediction: Model regularization and optimization
D Zhu, C Cai, T Yang, X Zhou
Big data and cognitive computing 2 (1), 5, 2018
Trading computation for communication: Distributed stochastic dual coordinate ascent
T Yang
Advances in neural information processing systems 26, 2013
Online multiple kernel classification
SCH Hoi, R Jin, P Zhao, T Yang
Machine learning 90, 289-316, 2013
Tracking slowly moving clairvoyant: Optimal dynamic regret of online learning with true and noisy gradient
T Yang, L Zhang, R Jin, J Yi
International Conference on Machine Learning, 449-457, 2016
First-order stochastic algorithms for escaping from saddle points in almost linear time
Y Xu, R Jin, T Yang
Advances in neural information processing systems 31, 2018
Large-scale robust deep auc maximization: A new surrogate loss and empirical studies on medical image classification
Z Yuan, Y Yan, M Sonka, T Yang
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Distributed stochastic variance reduced gradient methods by sampling extra data with replacement
JD Lee, Q Lin, T Ma, T Yang
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Improved dynamic regret for non-degenerate functions
L Zhang, T Yang, J Yi, R Jin, ZH Zhou
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 30, 2017
Dynamic regret of strongly adaptive methods
L Zhang, T Yang, ZH Zhou
International conference on machine learning, 5882-5891, 2018
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