Ivo Machar
Ivo Machar
Docent ekologie lesa, Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci / Assoc.Prof. in the field of FOREST ECOLOGY
E-mailová adresa ověřena na: upol.cz
Toxicity and biochemical impacts of some new insecticide mixtures on cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)
AEM Abd El-Mageed, SEM Shalaby
Plant Protection Science 47 (4), 166-175, 2011
Decision support tool for the evaluation of landscapes
V Pechanec, J Brus, H Kilianová, I Machar
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Floodplain forests of Litovelské Pomoraví and their management
I Machar
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Sheep and wolves: is the occurrence of large predators a limiting factor for sheep grazing in the Czech Carpathians?
P Kovařík, M Kutal, I Machar
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Application of geoecological concept of the alluvial landscape in the creation of nature reserve (Case study from Czech Republic)
I Machar, V Pechanec
Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis 59 (3 …, 2014
Changes in ecological stability and biodiversity in a floodplain landscape
I Machar
Applying Landscape Ecology in Conservation and Management of the Floodplain …, 2012
Analysis of the development of land use in the Morava River floodplain, with special emphasis on the landscape matrix
H Kilianová, V Pechanec, J Brus, K Kirchner, I Machar
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Modelling of climate conditions in forest vegetation zones as a support tool for forest management strategy in European beech dominated forests
I Machar, V Vlckova, A Bucek, V Vozenilek, L Salek, L Jerabkova
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Assessment of forest management in protected areas based on multidisciplinary research
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Conservation and management of floodplain forests in the protected landscape area Litovelske Pomoravi (Czech Republic)
I Machar
Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, 2009
The key word in ‘data science’is not data, it is science
J Leek
Simply Statistics 12, 2013
Analysis of the evolution of the floodplain forests in the alluvium of the Morava River
H Kilianová, V Pechanec, J Svobodová, I Machar
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The role of selected biophysical factors in long-term land-use change of cultural landscape
Z Opršal, P Kladivo, I Machar
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Linking the historical research with the growth simulation model of hardwood floodplain forests
J Simon, I Machar, A Bucek
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Effectiveness of Natura 2000 system for habitat types protection: A case study from the Czech Republic
V Pechanec, I Machar, T Pohanka, Z Opršal, F Petrovič, J Švajda, L Šálek, ...
Nature Conservation 24, 21, 2018
Attempt to summarize the problems: Is a sustainable management of floodplain forest geobiocenoses possible
I Machar
Biodiversity and Target Management of Floodplain Forests in the Morava River …, 2010
What factors can influence the expansion of protected areas around the world in the context of international environmental and development goals
Z Oprsal, J Harmacek, P Pavlík, I Machar
Probl. Ekorozw 13, 145-157, 2018
Biogeographic model of climate conditions for vegetation zones in Czechia
I Machar, V Vozenilek, K Kirchner, V Vlckova, A Bucek
Geografie 122 (1), 64-82, 2017
Coppice-with-standards in floodplain forests–a new subject for nature protection
I Machar
Journal of Forest Science 55 (7), 306-311, 2009
Combining a growth-simulation model with acoustic-wood tomography as a decision-support tool for adaptive management and conservation of forest ecosystems
J Simon, I Machar, J Brus, V Pechanec
Ecological Informatics 30, 309-312, 2015
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