Claudia Carvalho-Santos
Claudia Carvalho-Santos
Research Assistant, CBMA (Centre of Molecular and Environmental Biology), University of Minho, Braga
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Impacts of climate change on reservoir water availability, quality and irrigation needs in a water scarce Mediterranean region (southern Portugal)
J Rocha, C Carvalho-Santos, P Diogo, P Beça, JJ Keizer, JP Nunes
Science of the Total Environment 736, 139477, 2020
Assessing the effects of land cover and future climate conditions on the provision of hydrological services in a medium‐sized watershed of Portugal
C Carvalho‐Santos, JP Nunes, AT Monteiro, L Hein, JP Honrado
Hydrological processes 30 (5), 720-738, 2016
Hydrological services and the role of forests: Conceptualization and indicator-based analysis with an illustration at a regional scale
C Carvalho-Santos, JP Honrado, L Hein
Ecological Complexity 20, 69-80, 2014
Climate change impacts on water resources and reservoir management: uncertainty and adaptation for a mountain catchment in Northeast Portugal
C Carvalho-Santos, AT Monteiro, JC Azevedo, JP Honrado, JP Nunes
Water Resources Management 31, 3355-3370, 2017
Trade-offs and synergies between provisioning and regulating ecosystem services in a mountain area in Portugal affected by landscape change
 Sil, AP Rodrigues, C Carvalho-Santos, JP Nunes, J Honrado, J Alonso, ...
Mountain Research and Development 36 (4), 452-464, 2016
Afforestation, subsequent forest fires and provision of hydrological services: A model‐based analysis for a Mediterranean mountainous catchment
JP Nunes, P Naranjo Quintanilla, JM Santos, D Serpa, ...
Land Degradation & Development 29 (3), 776-788, 2018
Improving ecosystem assessments in Mediterranean social-ecological systems: A DPSIR analysis
MV Balzan, AM Pinheiro, A Mascarenhas, A Morán-Ordóñez, A Ruiz-Frau, ...
Ecosystems and People 15 (1), 136-155, 2019
Surface vs. groundwater: The effect of forest cover on the costs of drinking water
AF Lopes, JL Macdonald, P Quinteiro, L Arroja, C Carvalho-Santos, ...
Water Resources and Economics 28, 100123, 2019
Ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation under forestation scenarios: options to improve management in the Vez watershed, NW Portugal
C Carvalho-Santos, R Sousa-Silva, J Gonçalves, JP Honrado
Regional environmental change 16, 1557-1570, 2016
Ecosystem services supplied by Mediterranean Basin ecosystems
B Martín-López, E Oteros-Rozas, E Cohen-Shacham, F Santos-Martín, ...
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Potential supply and actual use of cultural ecosystem services in mountain protected areas and their surroundings
E Crouzat, A De Frutos, V Grescho, S Carver, A Büermann, ...
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On the development of a regional climate change adaptation plan: Integrating model-assisted projections and stakeholders' perceptions
C Gonçalves, JP Honrado, J Cerejeira, R Sousa, PM Fernandes, AS Vaz, ...
Science of The Total Environment 805, 150320, 2022
Climate-and fire-smart landscape scenarios call for redesigning protection regimes to achieve multiple management goals
MC Iglesias, V Hermoso, JC Campos, C Carvalho-Santos, PM Fernandes, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 322, 116045, 2022
Regional planning of river protection and restoration to promote ecosystem services and nature conservation
AP Portela, C Vieira, C Carvalho-Santos, J Goncalves, I Durance, ...
Landscape and Urban Planning 211, 104101, 2021
Hydrological impacts of large fires and future climate: Modeling approach supported by satellite data
C Carvalho-Santos, B Marcos, JP Nunes, A Regos, E Palazzi, S Terzago, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (23), 2832, 2019
Remote sensing indicators to assess riparian vegetation and river ecosystem health
G Pace, C Gutiérrez-Cánovas, R Henriques, C Carvalho-Santos, F Cássio, ...
Ecological Indicators 144, 109519, 2022
Ecosystem services in a protected mountain range of Portugal: Satellite-based products for state and trend analysis
C Carvalho-Santos, AT Monteiro, S Arenas-Castro, F Greifeneder, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (10), 1573, 2018
Stakeholder perceptions of wildfire management strategies as nature-based solutions in two Iberian biosphere reserves
J Lecina-Diaz, J Campos, S Pais, C Carvalho-Santos, J Azevedo, ...
Ecology and Society, 2023
Improving the design and environmental effectiveness of woodlands for water Payments for Ecosystem Services
V Gregory, A Jens, A Cristian, ARMS Al-Tawaha, MB Andreucci, ...
Research Ideas and Outcomes, 1-28, 2017
Hydropower contribution to the renewable energy transition under climate change
JP Ramião, C Carvalho-Santos, R Pinto, C Pascoal
Water Resources Management 37 (1), 175-191, 2023
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