Gloria Huerta-Angeles
Gloria Huerta-Angeles
Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry
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Hyaluronan polymeric micelles for topical drug delivery
D Šmejkalová, T Muthný, K Nešporová, M Hermannová, E Achbergerová, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 156, 86-96, 2017
Toward molecular nanowires self-assembled on an insulating substrate: Heptahelicene-2-carboxylic acid on Calcite (1014)
P Rahe, M Nimmrich, A Greuling, J Schütte, IG Stará, J Rybacek, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (3), 1547-1552, 2010
An effective translation: The development of hyaluronan-based medical products from the physicochemical, and preclinical aspects
G Huerta-Ángeles, K Nešporová, G Ambrožová, L Kubala, V Velebný
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 6, 366608, 2018
Selective in vitro anticancer effect of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles loaded in hyaluronan polymeric micelles
D Smejkalova, K Nesporova, G Huerta-Angeles, J Syrovátka, D Jirák, ...
Biomacromolecules 15 (11), 4012-4020, 2014
Preparation of hyaluronan polyaldehyde—a precursor of biopolymer conjugates
P Šedová, R Buffa, S Kettou, G Huerta-Angeles, M Hermannová, ...
Carbohydrate research 371, 8-15, 2013
Copper carbenoid mediated N-alkylation of imidazoles and its use in a novel synthesis of bifonazole
E Cuevas-Yañez, JM Serrano, G Huerta, JM Muchowski, R Cruz-Almanza
Tetrahedron 60 (42), 9391-9396, 2004
Novel synthetic method for the preparation of amphiphilic hyaluronan by means of aliphatic aromatic anhydrides
G Huerta-Angeles, M Bobek, E Příkopová, D Šmejkalová, V Velebný
Carbohydrate polymers 111, 883-891, 2014
Paclitaxel isomerisation in polymeric micelles based on hydrophobized hyaluronic acid
D Šmejkalová, K Nešporová, M Hermannová, G Huerta-Angeles, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 466 (1-2), 147-155, 2014
Super-porous nanocomposite PNIPAm hydrogels reinforced with titania nanoparticles, displaying a very fast temperature response as well as pH-sensitivity
G Huerta-Angeles, K Hishchak, A Strachota, B Strachota, M Šlouf, ...
European polymer journal 59, 341-352, 2014
Synthesis of highly substituted amide hyaluronan derivatives with tailored degree of substitution and their crosslinking via click chemistry
G Huerta-Angeles, D Šmejkalová, D Chládková, T Ehlová, R Buffa, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 84 (4), 1293-1300, 2011
Racemic and optically pure heptahelicene‐2‐carboxylic acid: its synthesis and self‐assembly into nanowire‐like aggregates
J Rybáček, G Huerta‐Angeles, A Kollárovič, IG Stará, I Starý, P Rahe, ...
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2011 (5), 853-860, 2011
Reductive alkylation of hyaluronic acid for the synthesis of biocompatible hydrogels by click chemistry
G Huerta-Angeles, M Němcová, E Příkopová, D Šmejkalová, M Pravda, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 90 (4), 1704-1711, 2012
Dimethyltin (IV) 2, 6-disubstituted pyridine complexes
E Gómez, R Flores, G Huerta, C Alvarez-Toledano, RA Toscano, V Santes, ...
Journal of organometallic chemistry 672 (1-2), 115-122, 2003
Synthesis of graft copolymers based on hyaluronan and poly (3-hydroxyalkanoates)
G Huerta-Angeles, M Brandejsová, R Nigmatullin, K Kopecká, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 171, 220-228, 2017
Preparation and characterization of novel grafted polyethylene based azo-polymers bearing oligo (ethylene glycol) spacers
E Rivera, M del Pilar Carreón-Castro, R Salazar, G Huerta, C Becerril, ...
Polymer 48 (12), 3420-3428, 2007
Hyaluronan and its derivatives for ophthalmology: Recent advances and future perspectives
GH Ángeles, K Nešporová
Carbohydrate Polymers 259, 117697, 2021
Water-insoluble thin films from palmitoyl hyaluronan with tunable properties
M Foglarová, J Chmelař, G Huerta-Angeles, H Vágnerová, J Kulhánek, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 144, 68-75, 2016
In vitro investigation of hyaluronan-based polymeric micelles for drug delivery into the skin: The internalization pathway
J Starigazdová, K Nešporová, M Čepa, R Šínová, D Šmejkalová, ...
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 143, 105168, 2020
Facile synthesis of aminoalcohols by ring opening of epoxides under solvent free conditions
G Huerta, G Contreras‐Ordoñez, C Alvarez‐Toledano, V Santes, ...
Synthetic communications 34 (13), 2393-2406, 2004
Grafting of steroids to hyaluronan towards the design of delivery systems for antioxidants: The role of hydrophobic core
G Huerta-Ángeles, M Brandejsová, J Novotný, K Kopecká, J Šógorková, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 193, 383-392, 2018
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