Demosthenes Polyzos
Demosthenes Polyzos
Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics, University of Patras
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Bending and stability analysis of gradient elastic beams
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Vibration isolation by a row of piles using a 3‐D frequency domain BEM
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Modelling of pile wave barriers by effective trenches and their screening effectiveness
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Scattering of He–Ne laser light by an average-sized red blood cell
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Velocity dispersion of guided waves propagating in a free gradient elastic plate: Application to cortical bone
MG Vavva, VC Protopappas, LN Gergidis, A Charalambopoulos, ...
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Derivation of Mindlin’s first and second strain gradient elastic theory via simple lattice and continuum models
D Polyzos, DI Fotiadis
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Boundary element analysis of mode I and mixed mode (I and II) crack problems of 2-D gradient elasticity
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Data mining for blood glucose prediction and knowledge discovery in diabetic patients: The METABO diabetes modeling and management system
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2009 Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and …, 2009
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Dynamic analysis of gradient elastic flexural beams
S Papargyri-Beskou, D Polyzos, DE Beskos
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Characterization of surface crack depth and repair evaluation using Rayleigh waves
DG Aggelis, T Shiotani, D Polyzos
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On simple formulations of weakly-singular traction & displacement BIE, and their solutions through Petrov-Galerkin approaches
ZD Han, SN Atluri
Light scattering by aggregated red blood cells
SV Tsinopoulos, EJ Sellountos, D Polyzos
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Three-dimensional structural vibration analysis by the dual reciprocity BEM
JP Agnantiaris, D Polyzos, DE Beskos
Computational Mechanics 21 (4-5), 372-381, 1998
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