Philip J Murray
Philip J Murray
Division of Mathematics, University of Dundee
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Chaste: a test-driven approach to software development for biological modelling
J Pitt-Francis, P Pathmanathan, MO Bernabeu, R Bordas, J Cooper, ...
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An integrative computational model for intestinal tissue renewal
IMM Van Leeuwen, GR Mirams, A Walter, A Fletcher, P Murray, J Osborne, ...
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Organ-level quorum sensing directs regeneration in hair stem cell populations
CC Chen, L Wang, MV Plikus, TX Jiang, PJ Murray, R Ramos, ...
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A computational study of discrete mechanical tissue models
P Pathmanathan, J Cooper, A Fletcher, G Mirams, P Murray, J Osborne, ...
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PJ Murray, CM Edwards, MJ Tindall, PK Maini
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HIV-1 capsid uncoating initiates after the first strand transfer of reverse transcription
O Cosnefroy, PJ Murray, KN Bishop
Retrovirology 13 (1), 1-17, 2016
Regenerative hair waves in aging mice and extra-follicular modulators follistatin, dkk1, and sfrp4
CC Chen, PJ Murray, TX Jiang, MV Plikus, YT Chang, OK Lee, ...
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Modelling spatially regulated β-catenin dynamics and invasion in intestinal crypts
PJ Murray, JW Kang, GR Mirams, SY Shin, HM Byrne, PK Maini, KH Cho
Biophysical journal 99 (3), 716-725, 2010
Spatiotemporal oscillations of Notch1, Dll1 and NICD are coordinated across the mouse PSM
RA Bone, CSL Bailey, G Wiedermann, Z Ferjentsik, PL Appleton, ...
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The clock and wavefront model revisited
PJ Murray, PK Maini, RE Baker
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Comparing a discrete and continuum model of the intestinal crypt
PJ Murray, A Walter, AG Fletcher, CM Edwards, MJ Tindall, PK Maini
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Classifying general nonlinear force laws in cell-based models via the continuum limit
PJ Murray, CM Edwards, MJ Tindall, PK Maini
Physical Review E 85 (2), 021921-(11 pages), 2012
CDK 1 and CDK 2 regulate NICD 1 turnover and the periodicity of the segmentation clock
FA Carrieri, PJ Murray, D Ditsova, MA Ferris, P Davies, JK Dale
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Multiscale modelling of intestinal crypt organization and carcinogenesis
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RE Baker, PJ Murray
Current opinion in genetics & development, 2013
A balance of positive and negative regulators determines the pace of the segmentation clock
G Wiedermann, RA Bone, JC Silva, M Bjorklund, PJ Murray, JK Dale
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Modelling Hair Follicle Growth Dynamics as an Excitable Medium
PJ Murray, PK Maini, MV Plikus, CM Chuong, RE Baker
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DNA double-strand break repair: a theoretical framework and its application
PJ Murray, B Cornelissen, KA Vallis, SJ Chapman
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 13 (114), 20150679, 2016
Modelling Delta-Notch perturbations during zebrafish somitogenesis
PJ Murray, PK Maini, RE Baker
Developmental biology 373 (2), 407-421, 2013
From individual-based mechanical models of multicellular systems to free-boundary problems
T Lorenzi, PJ Murray, M Ptashnyk
Interfaces and Free Boundaries 22 (2), 205-244, 2020
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