Josep Tornero
Josep Tornero
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Fast ego-motion estimation with multi-rate fusion of inertial and vision
L Armesto, J Tornero, M Vincze
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Dual-rate adaptive control
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Analysis of multi-rate discrete equivalent of continuous controller
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Efficient distance calculation using the spherically-extended polytope (s-tope) model
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Kinematic control of wheeled mobile robots
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SLAM based on Kalman filter for multi-rate fusion of laser and encoder measurements
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Trajectory generation based on rational bezier curves as clothoids
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Hough transform for distance computation and collision avoidance
EJ Bernabeu, J Tornero
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Collision prediction and avoidance amidst moving objects for trajectory planning applications
EJ Bernabeu, J Tornero, M Tomizuka
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Real-time clothoid approximation by Rational Bezier curves
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Probabilistic self-localization and mapping-an asynchronous multirate approach
L Armesto, G Ippoliti, S Longhi, J Tornero
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On the detection of defects on specular car body surfaces
J Molina, JE Solanes, L Arnal, J Tornero
Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 48, 263-278, 2017
Path planning and trajectory generation using multi-rate predictive artificial potential fields
MC Mora, J Tornero
2008 IEEE/RSJ international conference on intelligent robots and systems …, 2008
Inspection system based on artificial vision for paint defects detection on cars bodies
L Armesto, J Tornero, A Herraez, J Asensio
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Digital redesign of continuous time controller by multirate sampling and high order holds
Y Gu, M Tomizuka, J Tornero
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Dual-rate high order holds based on primitive functions
L Armesto, J Tornero
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On multi-rate fusion for non-linear sampled-data systems: Application to a 6D tracking system
L Armesto, J Tornero, M Vincze
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Kinematic modeling of wheeled mobile robots with slip
L Gracia, J Tornero
Advanced Robotics 21 (11), 1253-1279, 2007
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