Artur J. Martins
Artur J. Martins
INL -International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
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Edible oleogels: an opportunity for fat replacement in foods
AJ Martins, AA Vicente, RL Cunha, MA Cerqueira
Food & function 9 (2), 758-773, 2018
Influence of moderate electric fields on gelation of whey protein isolate
RM Rodrigues, AJ Martins, OL Ramos, FX Malcata, JA Teixeira, ...
Food Hydrocolloids 43, 329-339, 2015
Beeswax organogels: Influence of gelator concentration and oil type in the gelation process
AJ Martins, MA Cerqueira, LH Fasolin, RL Cunha, AA Vicente
Food Research International 84, 170-179, 2016
Design of whey protein nanostructures for incorporation and release of nutraceutical compounds in food
OL Ramos, RN Pereira, A Martins, R Rodrigues, C Fucinos, JA Teixeira, ...
Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 57 (7), 1377-1393, 2017
Fortified beeswax oleogels: Effect of β-carotene on the gel structure and oxidative stability
AJ Martins, MA Cerqueira, RL Cunha, AA Vicente
Food & function 8 (11), 4241-4250, 2017
Evaluation of linseed oil oleogels to partially replace pork backfat in fermented sausages
D Franco, AJ Martins, M López‐Pedrouso, MA Cerqueira, L Purriños, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 100 (1), 218-224, 2020
Strategy towards replacing pork backfat with a linseed oleogel in frankfurter sausages and its evaluation on physicochemical, nutritional, and sensory characteristics
D Franco, AJ Martins, M López-Pedrouso, L Purriños, MA Cerqueira, ...
Foods 8 (9), 366, 2019
Hybrid gels: Influence of oleogel/hydrogel ratio on rheological and textural properties
AJ Martins, P Silva, F Maciel, LM Pastrana, RL Cunha, MA Cerqueira, ...
Food research international 116, 1298-1305, 2019
Meniscus dynamics in bubble formation: A parametric study
P Stanovsky, MC Ruzicka, A Martins, JA Teixeira
Chemical engineering science 66 (14), 3258-3267, 2011
Omega‐3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids‐enriched hamburgers using sterol‐based oleogels
AJ Martins, JM Lorenzo, D Franco, AA Vicente, RL Cunha, LM Pastrana, ...
European journal of lipid science and technology 121 (11), 1900111, 2019
Oleogels for development of health-promoting food products
AJ Martins, AA Vicente, LM Pastrana, MA Cerqueira
Food Science and Human Wellness 9 (1), 31-39, 2020
Sterol‐based oleogels' characterization envisioning food applications
AJ Martins, MA Cerqueira, LM Pastrana, RL Cunha, AA Vicente
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 99 (7), 3318-3325, 2019
Characterization of enriched meat-based pâté manufactured with oleogels as fat substitutes
AJ Martins, JM Lorenzo, D Franco, M Pateiro, R Domínguez, ...
Gels 6 (2), 17, 2020
Perspective on oleogelator mixtures, structure design and behaviour towards digestibility of oleogels
PK Okuro, AJ Martins, AA Vicente, RL Cunha
Current Opinion in Food Science 35, 27-35, 2020
Physical and mass transfer properties of electrospun ɛ-polycaprolactone nanofiber membranes
AJ Martins, AI Bourbon, AA Vicente, S Pinto, JAL Da Silva, CMR Rocha
Process Biochemistry 50 (6), 885-892, 2015
Effect of different divalent cations on the synthesis of alpha-lactalbumin nanotubes
C Fuciños, AJ Martins, ML Rúa, L Pastrana, AA Vicente
Modulation and characterization of wax-based olive oil organogels in view of their application in the food industry
PM Silva, AJ Martins, LH Fasolin, AA Vicente
Gels 7 (1), 12, 2021
Food grade polymers for the gelation of edible oils envisioning food applications
AJ Martins, LM Pastrana, AA Vicente, MA Cerqueira
Polymers for Food Applications, 591-608, 2018
Modulating process parameters to change physical properties of bigels for food applications
LH Fasolin, AJ Martins, MA Cerqueira, AA Vicente
Food Structure 28, 100173, 2021
Modulation and Characterization of Wax-Based Olive Oil Organogels in View of Their Application in the Food Industry. Gels 2021, 7, 12
PM Silva, AJ Martins, LH Fasolin, AA Vicente
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