Naba K. Nath
Naba K. Nath
Assistant Professor, NIT Meghalaya
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Mechanically responsive molecular crystals
P Naumov, S Chizhik, MK Panda, NK Nath, E Boldyreva
Chemical reviews 115 (22), 12440-12490, 2015
Synthon competition and cooperation in molecular salts of hydroxybenzoic acids and aminopyridines
B Sarma, NK Nath, BR Bhogala, A Nangia
Crystal Growth and Design 9 (3), 1546-1557, 2009
Thermally induced and photoinduced mechanical effects in molecular single crystals—a revival
NK Nath, MK Panda, SC Sahoo, P Naumov
CrystEngComm 16 (10), 1850-1858, 2014
Colossal positive and negative thermal expansion and thermosalient effect in a pentamorphic organometallic martensite
MK Panda, T Runčevski, SC Sahoo, AA Belik, NK Nath, RE Dinnebier, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 1-8, 2014
Model for photoinduced bending of slender molecular crystals
NK Nath, L Pejov, SM Nichols, C Hu, N Saleh, B Kahr, P Naumov
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (7), 2757-2766, 2014
Biomimetic crystalline actuators: structure–kinematic aspects of the self-actuation and motility of thermosalient crystals
SC Sahoo, MK Panda, NK Nath, P Naumov
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (33), 12241-12251, 2013
The nature and applications of π–π interactions: a perspective
R Thakuria, NK Nath, BK Saha
Crystal Growth & Design 19 (2), 523-528, 2019
Thermally twistable, photobendable, elastically deformable, and self‐healable soft crystals
P Gupta, DP Karothu, E Ahmed, P Naumov, NK Nath
Angewandte Chemie 130 (28), 8634-8638, 2018
Surface and bulk effects in photochemical reactions and photomechanical effects in dynamic molecular crystals
NK Nath, T Runcevski, CY Lai, M Chiesa, RE Dinnebier, P Naumov
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (43), 13866-13875, 2015
Drying of tomatoes
RG Gupta, N Nath
Journal of food science and technology (Mysore) 21 (6), 372-376, 1984
Isomorphous crystals by chloro–methyl exchange in polymorphic fuchsones
NK Nath, A Nangia
Crystal growth & design 12 (11), 5411-5425, 2012
Actuation based on thermo/photosalient effect: a biogenic smart hybrid driven by light and heat
SC Sahoo, NK Nath, L Zhang, MH Semreen, TH Al-Tel, P Naumov
RSC advances 4 (15), 7640-7647, 2014
Novel form V of tolbutamide and a high Z′ crystal structure of form III
NK Nath, A Nangia
CrystEngComm 13 (1), 47-51, 2011
Structure–reactivity correlations and mechanistic understanding of the photorearrangement and photosalient effect of α-santonin and its derivatives in solutions, crystals, and …
P Commins, A Natarajan, CK Tsai, SI Khan, NK Nath, P Naumov, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 15 (4), 1983-1990, 2015
Isostructural polymorphs of triiodophloroglucinol and triiodoresorcinol
NK Nath, BK Saha, A Nangia
New Journal of Chemistry 32 (10), 1693-1701, 2008
Polymorphism in fuchsones
SK Chandran, NK Nath, S Roy, A Nangia
Crystal Growth and Design 8 (1), 140-154, 2008
Why is firefly oxyluciferin a notoriously labile substance?
OV Maltsev, NK Nath, P Naumov, L Hintermann
Angewandte Chemie 126 (3), 866-869, 2014
Neutral and Zwitterionic Polymorphs of 2-(p-Tolylamino)nicotinic Acid
NK Nath, SS Kumar, A Nangia
Crystal growth & design 11 (10), 4594-4605, 2011
Crystalline acylhydrazone photoswitches with multiple mechanical responses
P Gupta, T Panda, S Allu, S Borah, A Baishya, A Gunnam, A Nangia, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 19 (5), 3039-3044, 2019
Crystal structure of methyl paraben polymorph II
NK Nath, H Aggarwal, A Nangia
Crystal Growth & Design 11 (4), 967-971, 2011
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