Kang Liu (刘康)
Kang Liu (刘康)
Další jménaKang Liu, Liu Kang
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A ST-CRF map-matching method for low-frequency floating car data
X Liu, K Liu, M Li, F Lu
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 18 (5), 1241-1254, 2016
Road2vec: Measuring traffic interactions in urban road system from massive travel routes
K Liu, S Gao, P Qiu, X Liu, B Yan, F Lu
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Visualizing and exploring POI configurations of urban regions on POI-type semantic space
K Liu, L Yin, F Lu, N Mou
Cities 99, 102610, 2020
Identifying spatial interaction patterns of vehicle movements on urban road networks by topic modelling
K Liu, S Gao, F Lu
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 74, 50-61, 2019
陆锋, 刘康, 陈洁
地球信息科学学报 16 (5), 665-672, 2014
Modeling the heterogeneous traffic correlations in urban road systems using traffic-enhanced community detection approach
F Lu, K Liu, Y Duan, S Cheng, F Du
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 501, 227-237, 2018
Investigating urban metro stations as cognitive places in cities using points of interest
K Liu, P Qiu, S Gao, F Lu, J Jiang, L Yin
Cities 97, 102561, 2020
Investigating physical encounters of individuals in urban metro systems with large-scale smart card data
K Liu, L Yin, Z Ma, F Zhang, J Zhao
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 545, 123398, 2020
A data driven agent-based model that recommends non-pharmaceutical interventions to suppress Coronavirus disease 2019 resurgence in megacities
L Yin, H Zhang, Y Li, K Liu, T Chen, W Luo, S Lai, Y Li, X Tang, L Ning, ...
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 18 (181), 20210112, 2021
Prediction of human activity intensity using the interactions in physical and social spaces through graph convolutional networks
M Li, S Gao, F Lu, K Liu, H Zhang, W Tu
International Journal of Geographical Information Science 35 (12), 2489-2516, 2021
Enhancing fine-grained intra-urban dengue forecasting by integrating spatial interactions of human movements between urban regions
K Liu, M Zhang, G Xi, A Deng, T Song, Q Li, M Kang, L Yin
PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases 14 (12), e0008924, 2020
Facilitating fine-grained intra-urban dengue forecasting by integrating urban environments measured from street-view images
K Liu, L Yin, M Zhang, M Kang, AP Deng, QL Li, T Song
Infectious Diseases of Poverty 10 (1), 1-16, 2021
Effectiveness of contact tracing, mask wearing and prompt testing on suppressing COVID-19 resurgences in megacities: an individual-based modelling study
L Yin, H Zhang, Y Li, K Liu, T Chen, W Luo, S Lai, Y Li, X Tang, LI Ning, ...
Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Urban Tourism Travel by Taxi—A Case Study of Shenzhen
B He, K Liu, Z Xue, J Liu, D Yuan, J Yin, G Wu
ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 10 (7), 445, 2021
刘康, 段滢滢, 陆锋
地球信息科学学报 16 (3), 390-395, 2014
Exploring park visit variability using cell phone data in Shenzhen, China
B He, J Hu, K Liu, J Xue, L Ning, J Fan
Remote Sensing 14 (3), 499, 2022
全球电离层 TEC 数据统计分析与全局趋势分析
刘康, 王枫, 翟旭
测绘通报, 29-32, 2013
李明晓, 陈洁, 张恒才, 仇培元, 刘康, 陆锋
地球信息科学学报 19 (6), 800-807, 2017
Modeling spatial nonstationarity via deformable convolutions for deep traffic flow prediction
W Zeng, C Lin, K Liu, J Lin, AKH Tung
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2021
ST-PF: Spatio-Temporal Particle Filter for Floating-Car Data Pre-processing
X Liu, L Yu, K Liu, P Peng, S Cheng, M Liao, F Lu
Information Fusion and Intelligent Geographic Information Systems (IF&IGIS …, 2018
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