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Filip Antončík
UCT - Prague
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Carbon dioxide uptake by MOC-based materials
O Jankovský, M Lojka, AM Lauermannová, F Antončík, M Pavlíková, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (7), 2254, 2020
Synthesis, Structure, and Thermal Stability of Magnesium Oxychloride 5Mg(OH)2∙MgCl2∙8H2O
A Jiříčková, M Lojka, AM Lauermannová, F Antončík, D Sedmidubský, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (5), 1683, 2020
Towards novel building materials: High-strength nanocomposites based on graphene, graphite oxide and magnesium oxychloride
O Jankovský, M Lojka, AM Lauermannová, F Antončík, M Pavlíková, ...
Applied Materials Today 20, 100766, 2020
Thermal Stability and Kinetics of Formation of Magnesium Oxychloride Phase 3Mg(OH)2∙MgCl2∙8H2O
M Lojka, O Jankovský, A Jiříčková, AM Lauermannová, F Antončík, ...
Materials 13 (3), 767, 2020
Influence of waste plastic aggregate and water-repellent additive on the properties of lightweight magnesium oxychloride cement composite
M Záleská, M Pavlíková, O Jankovský, M Lojka, F Antončík, A Pivák, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (24), 5463, 2019
Synthesis and properties of YBa2Cu3O7-δ–Y2Ba4CuWO10. 8 superconducting composites
O Jankovský, F Antončík, T Hlásek, V Plecháček, D Sedmidubský, ...
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 38 (6), 2541-2546, 2018
MOC doped with graphene nanoplatelets: the influence of the mixture preparation technology on its properties
M Záleská, M Pavlíková, A Pivák, Š Marušiak, O Jankovský, ...
Materials 14 (6), 1450, 2021
Radial and axial stiffness of superconducting bearings based on YBCO single-domain bulks processed with artificial holes
F Antončík, M Lojka, T Hlásek, V Bartůněk, I Valiente-Blanco, ...
Superconductor Science and Technology 33 (4), 045010, 2020
Regolith-based magnesium oxychloride composites doped by graphene: Novel high-performance building materials for lunar constructions
AM Lauermannova, I Faltysova, M Lojka, F Antončík, D Sedmidubský, ...
FlatChem 26, 100234, 2021
Nanosized pinning centers in the rare earth-barium-copper-oxide thin-film superconductors
F Antončík, O Jankovský, T Hlásek, V Bartůněk
Nanomaterials 10 (8), 1429, 2020
The impact of graphene and diatomite admixtures on the performance and properties of high-performance magnesium oxychloride cement composites
AM Lauermannová, F Antončík, M Lojka, O Jankovský, M Pavlíková, ...
Materials 13 (24), 5708, 2020
Wood chips ash processing and its utilization in magnesium phosphate cement composites
O Jankovský, V Bartůněk, F Antončík, A JIŘÍČKOVÁ, AM Lauermannová, ...
Ceram. Silikáty 63, 267-276, 2019
Artificially perforated single‐grain YBCO bulks: Dependence of superconducting properties on the bulk thickness
F Antončík, M Lojka, T Hlásek, I Valiente‐Blanco, JL Perez‐Diaz, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 103 (9), 5169-5177, 2020
Moc-diatomite composites filled with multi-walled carbon nanotubes
M Pavlíková, M Záleská, A Pivák, O Jankovský, AM Lauermannová, ...
Materials 14 (16), 4576, 2021
Tuning the top-seeded melt growth of REBCO single-domain superconducting bulks by a pyramid-like buffer stack
F Antončík, M Lojka, T Hlásek, V Plecháček, O Jankovský
Ceramics International 48 (4), 5377-5385, 2022
Transport coefficients in Y-Ba-Cu-O system for ionized jet deposition method
J Skočdopole, M Lojka, T Hlásek, F Antončík, O Jankovský, L Kalvoda
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 31 (5), 1-3, 2021
Assessment of wood chips ash as efficient admixture in foamed glass-MOC composites
M Pavlíková, A Pivák, M Záleská, AM Lauermannová, F Antončík, M Lojka, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 19, 2287-2300, 2022
Synthesis of nanosized LaFeAl11O19 hexaaluminate by mixed metal glycerolate method
K Skrbek, O Jankovský, M Lojka, F Antončík, V Bartůněk
Ceramics International 47 (21), 29653-29659, 2021
Effect of target density on the surface morphology of Y-Ba-Cu-O thin films prepared by ionized jet deposition
M Lojka, T Hlásek, F Antončík, J Skočdopole, O Jankovský
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity 31 (5), 1-5, 2021
The effective synthesis of large volumes of the ultrafine BaZrO3 nanoparticles
F Antončík, M Lojka, T Hlásek, D Sedmidubský, O Jankovský, V Bartůněk
Materials Chemistry and Physics 259, 124047, 2021
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