Faezeh M. Nick
Faezeh M. Nick
Researcher, Physical Geography, Utrecht University
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Large-scale changes in Greenland outlet glacier dynamics triggered at the terminus
FM Nick, A Vieli, IM Howat, I Joughin
Nature Geoscience 2 (2), 110-114, 2009
Future sea-level rise from Greenland’s main outlet glaciers in a warming climate
F Nick, A Vieli, M Langer Andersen, I Joughin, A Payne, T Edwards, ...
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H Goelzer, P Huybrechts, JJ Fürst, FM Nick, ML Andersen, TL Edwards, ...
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AP Ahlstrøm, SB Andersen, ML Andersen, H Machguth, FM Nick, ...
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Progress and challenges in glacial lake outburst flood research (2017–2021): a research community perspective
A Emmer, SK Allen, M Carey, H Frey, C Huggel, O Korup, M Mergili, ...
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions 2022, 1-34, 2022
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F Muschitiello, JM Lea, SL Greenwood, FM Nick, L Brunnberg, ...
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FM Nick, J Oerlemans
Journal of Glaciology 52 (177), 183-190, 2006
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J Oerlemans, FM Nick
Global and Planetary Change 50 (3-4), 148-160, 2006
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