Jiri Bila
Jiri Bila
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Linear, non-linear optical susceptibilities and the hyperpolarizability of the mixed crystals Ag 0.5 Pb 1.75 Ge (S 1− x Se x) 4: experiment and theory
AH Reshak, YM Kogut, AO Fedorchuk, OV Zamuruyeva, GL Myronchuk, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15 (43), 18979-18986, 2013
Feature extraction of electrocardiogram signals by applying adaptive threshold and principal component analysis
R Rodríguez, A Mexicano, J Bila, S Cervantes, R Ponce
Journal of applied research and technology 13 (2), 261-269, 2015
Structural, electronic and optical properties in earth-abundant photovoltaic absorber of Cu2ZnSnS4 and Cu2ZnSnSe4 from DFT calculations
AH Reshak, K Nouneh, IV Kityk, J Bila, S Auluck, H Kamarudin, Z Sekkat
International Journal of Electrochemical Science 9 (2), 955-974, 2014
Exploration of the Electronic Structure of Monoclinic α-Eu2(MoO4)3: DFT-Based Study and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
AH Reshak, ZA Alahmed, J Bila, VV Atuchin, BG Bazarov, OD Chimitova, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (19), 10559-10568, 2016
Insight into the physical properties of the inter-metallic titanium-based binary compounds
M Husain, N Rahman, AH Reshak, A Habib, S Ali, A Laref, AMM Al Bakri, ...
The European Physical Journal Plus 136 (6), 624, 2021
Fast fourier transform for feature extraction and neural network for classification of electrocardiogram signals
M Mironovova, J Bíla
2015 Fourth International Conference on Future Generation Communication …, 2015
Co2YZ (Y= Cr, Nb, Ta, V and Z= Al, Ga) Heusler alloys under the effect of pressure and strain
S Tabassam, AH Reshak, G Murtaza, S Muhammad, A Laref, M Yousaf, ...
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 104, 107841, 2021
Dielectric absorption correlated to ferromagnetic behavior in (Cr, Ni)-codoped 4H–SiC for microwave applications
B Merabet, AJH Almaliky, AH Reshak, MM Ramli, J Bila
Journal of Molecular Structure 1248, 131462, 2022
A fast neural network approach to predict lung tumor motion during respiration for radiation therapy applications
I Bukovsky, N Homma, K Ichiji, M Cejnek, M Slama, PM Benes, J Bila
BioMed research international 2015, 2015
Noncentrosymmetric sulfide oxide MZnSO (M= Ca or Sr) with strongly polar structure as novel nonlinear crystals
AH Reshak, NM Abbass, J Bila, MR Johan, I Kityk
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (44), 27172-27180, 2019
Qualitative modeling and monitoring of selected ecosystem functions
J Bila, J Jura, J Pokorny, I Bukovsky
Ecological modelling 222 (19), 3640-3650, 2011
Optoelectronic and transport properties of Rb/Cs2TeI6 defective perovskites for green energy applications
MA Ali, AH Reshak, G Murtaza, M AL‐Anazy, H Althib, TH Flemban, J Bila
International Journal of Energy Research 45 (6), 8448-8455, 2021
Electronic and optical features of the mixed crystals Ag 0.5 Pb 1.75 Ge (S 1–x Se x) 4
AH Reshak, YM Kogut, AO Fedorchuk, OV Zamuruyeva, GL Myronchuk, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (31), 4667-4675, 2013
Multiscale analysis approach for novelty detection in adaptation plot
I Bukovsky, W Kinsner, J Bila
IET Digital Library, 2012
Quadratic neural unit and its network in validation of process data of steam turbine loop and energetic boiler
I Bukovsky, M Lepold, J Bila
The 2010 International joint conference on neural networks (IJCNN), 1-7, 2010
Foundations of nonconventional neural units and their classification
I Bukovsky, ZG Hou, J Bila, MM Gupta
International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence …, 2008
Foundation of notation and classification of nonconventional static and dynamic neural units
I Bukovsky, ZG Hou, J Bila, MM Gupta
6th IEEE International Conference on Cognitive Informatics, 401-407, 2007
Pressure induced physical variations in the lead free fluoropervoskites XYF3 (X= K, Rb, Ag; Y= Zn, Sr, Mg): Optical materials
AH Reshak, S Khan, A Laref, G Murtaza, J Bila
Optical Materials 109, 110325, 2020
Arrhythmia disease classification using a higher-order neural unit
R Rodriguez, OOV Villegas, VGC Sanchez, J Bila, A Mexicano
2015 Fourth International Conference on Future Generation Communication …, 2015
Adaptive threshold and principal component analysis for features extraction of electrocardiogram signals
R Rodríguez, A Mexicano, J Bila, R Ponce, S Cervantes
2014 International Symposium on Computer, Consumer and Control, 1253-1258, 2014
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