Zhi-Cheng Yang(杨志成)
Zhi-Cheng Yang(杨志成)
Assistant Professor, Peking University
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Optimizing variational quantum algorithms using pontryagin’s minimum principle
ZC Yang, A Rahmani, A Shabani, H Neven, C Chamon
Physical Review X 7 (2), 021027, 2017
Hilbert-space fragmentation from strict confinement
ZC Yang, F Liu, AV Gorshkov, T Iadecola
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Two-component structure in the entanglement spectrum of highly excited states
ZC Yang, C Chamon, A Hamma, ER Mucciolo
Physical review letters 115 (26), 267206, 2015
Entanglement complexity in quantum many-body dynamics, thermalization, and localization
ZC Yang, A Hamma, SM Giampaolo, ER Mucciolo, C Chamon
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Circuit complexity across a topological phase transition
F Liu, S Whitsitt, JB Curtis, R Lundgren, P Titum, ZC Yang, JR Garrison, ...
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Single T gate in a Clifford circuit drives transition to universal entanglement spectrum statistics
S Zhou, Z Yang, A Hamma, C Chamon
SciPost Physics 9 (6), 087, 2020
Entanglement phase transitions in random stabilizer tensor networks
ZC Yang, Y Li, MPA Fisher, X Chen
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Rainbow scars: From area to volume law
CM Langlett, ZC Yang, J Wildeboer, AV Gorshkov, T Iadecola, S Xu
Physical Review B 105 (6), L060301, 2022
Enhanced field emission from large scale uniform monolayer graphene supported by well-aligned ZnO nanowire arrays
Z Yang, Q Zhao, Y Ou, W Wang, H Li, D Yu
Applied Physics Letters 101 (17), 2012
Yang-Lee edge singularity triggered entanglement transition
SK Jian, ZC Yang, Z Bi, X Chen
Physical Review B 104 (16), L161107, 2021
Tunable fragile topology in Floquet systems
RX Zhang, ZC Yang
Physical Review B 103 (12), L121115, 2021
Synthesis and field emission properties of topological insulator Bi2Se3 nanoflake arrays
Y Yan, ZM Liao, F Yu, HC Wu, G Jing, ZC Yang, Q Zhao, D Yu
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Entanglement steering in adaptive circuits with feedback
V Ravindranath, Y Han, ZC Yang, X Chen
Physical Review B 108 (4), L041103, 2023
Superconductors with anomalous Floquet higher-order topology
DD Vu, RX Zhang, ZC Yang, S Das Sarma
Physical Review B 104 (14), L140502, 2021
Constructing quantum spin liquids using combinatorial gauge symmetry
C Chamon, D Green, ZC Yang
Physical Review Letters 125 (6), 067203, 2020
Localization and criticality in antiblockaded two-dimensional Rydberg atom arrays
F Liu, ZC Yang, P Bienias, T Iadecola, AV Gorshkov
Physical Review Letters 128 (1), 013603, 2022
Hierarchical Majoranas in a programmable nanowire network
ZC Yang, T Iadecola, C Chamon, C Mudry
Physical Review B 99 (15), 155138, 2019
Spin-current Seebeck effect in quantum dot systems
ZC Yang, QF Sun, XC Xie
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26 (4), 045302, 2014
Quantum many-body scars from Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen states in bilayer systems
J Wildeboer, CM Langlett, ZC Yang, AV Gorshkov, T Iadecola, S Xu
Physical Review B 106 (20), 205142, 2022
Theory of anomalous floquet higher-order topology: Classification, characterization, and bulk-boundary correspondence
RX Zhang, ZC Yang
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.07945, 2020
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