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Benjamin Johnson
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Probabilistic Analysis of Correctness of High-Level Robot Behavior with Sensor Error.
B Johnson, H Kress-Gazit
Robotics: Science and Systems 94, 2011
Collaborative mapping with autonomous underwater vehicles in low-bandwidth conditions
B Johnson, N Hallin, H Leidenfrost, M O'Rourke, D Edwards
OCEANS 2009-EUROPE, 1-7, 2009
Goal reasoning and trusted autonomy
B Johnson, MW Floyd, A Coman, MA Wilson, DW Aha
Foundations of trusted autonomy, 47-66, 2018
Coordinating robot teams for disaster relief
M Roberts, T Apker, B Johnson, B Auslander, B Wellman, DW Aha
The Twenty-Eighth International Flairs Conference, 2015
Experimental Evaluation and Formal Analysis of High‐Level Tasks with Dynamic Obstacle Anticipation on a Full‐Sized Autonomous Vehicle
B Johnson, F Havlak, H Kress‐Gazit, M Campbell
Journal of Field Robotics 34 (5), 897-911, 2017
Goal reasoning to coordinate robotic teams for disaster relief
M Roberts, S Vattam, R Alford, B Auslander, T Apker, B Johnson, DW Aha
Proceedings of ICAPS-15 PlanRob Workshop, 127-138, 2015
Analyzing and revising synthesized controllers for robots with sensing and actuation errors
B Johnson, H Kress-Gazit
The International Journal of Robotics Research 34 (6), 816-832, 2015
Goal reasoning with information measures
B Johnson, M Roberts, T Apker, DW Aha
Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems 4, 1-14, 2016
Probabilistic guarantees for high-level robot behavior in the presence of sensor error
B Johnson, H Kress-Gazit
Autonomous Robots 33, 309-321, 2012
Goal reasoning with informative expectations
B Johnson, M Roberts, T Apker, DW Aha
Planning and Robotics: Papers from the ICAPS Workshop, 2016
LTL templates for play-calling supervisory control
TB Apker, B Johnson, L Humphrey
AIAA Infotech@ Aerospace, 0917, 2016
ActorSim, A toolkit for studying cross-disciplinary challenges in autonomy
M Roberts, LM Hiatt, A Coman, D Choi, B Johnson, DW Aha
2016 AAAI Fall Symposium Series, 2016
Execution and analysis of high-level tasks with dynamic obstacle anticipation
B Johnson, F Havlak, M Campbell, H Kress-Gazit
2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 330-337, 2012
Using language-centered intelligence to optimize mine-like object inspections for a fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles
NJ Hallin, B Johnson, H Egbo, M O'Rourke, D Edwards
UUST'09, 2009
Towards applying goal autonomy for vehicle control
M Wilson, B Auslander, B Johnson, T Apker, J McMahon, DW Aha
Goal Reasoning: Papers from the ACS Workshop, 127, 2013
Simulating human reasoning in mine-like object inspection assignments for a formation of unmanned underwater vehicles
N Hallin, B Johnson, H Egbo, M O'Rourke, T Soule, D Edwards
2009 Advanced Technologies for Enhanced Quality of Life, 158-162, 2009
A verification framework for certifying learning-based safety-critical aviation systems
A Baheri, H Ren, B Johnson, P Razzaghi, P Wei
AIAA AVIATION 2022 Forum, 3965, 2022
Analyzing and revising high-level robot behaviors under actuator error
B Johnson, H Kress-Gazit
2013 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems …, 2013
A fuzzy logic resource optimizer for a fleet of autonomous vehicles in low-bandwidth conditions
N Hallin, B Johnson, M O'Rourke, D Edwards
OCEANS 2009-EUROPE, 1-8, 2009
Mixed Propositional Metric Temporal Logic: A New Formalism for Temporal Planning.
ST To, M Roberts, T Apker, B Johnson, DW Aha
AAAI Workshop: Planning for Hybrid Systems, 2016
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