Hakan E Türeci
Hakan E Türeci
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
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On-chip quantum simulation with superconducting circuits
AA Houck, HE Türeci, J Koch
Nature Physics 8 (4), 292-299, 2012
Pump-induced exceptional points in lasers
M Liertzer, L Ge, A Cerjan, AD Stone, HE Türeci, S Rotter
Physical Review Letters 108 (17), 173901, 2012
Reversing the pump dependence of a laser at an exceptional point
M Brandstetter, M Liertzer, C Deutsch, P Klang, J Schöberl, HE Türeci, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 4034, 2014
Strong interactions in multimode random lasers
HE Tureci, L Ge, S Rotter, AD Stone
Science 320 (5876), 643-646, 2008
Unidirectional lasing from InGaN multiple-quantum-well spiral-shaped micropillars
GD Chern, HE Tureci, AD Stone, RK Chang, M Kneissl, NM Johnson
Applied Physics Letters 83 (9), 1710-1712, 2003
Bosonic condensation and disorder-induced localization in a flat band
F Baboux, L Ge, T Jacqmin, M Biondi, E Galopin, A Lemaître, L Le Gratiet, ...
Physical review letters 116 (6), 066402, 2016
Dispersive photon blockade in a superconducting circuit
AJ Hoffman, SJ Srinivasan, S Schmidt, L Spietz, J Aumentado, HE Türeci, ...
Physical review letters 107 (5), 053602, 2011
Fermionized photons in an array of driven dissipative nonlinear cavities
I Carusotto, D Gerace, HE Tureci, S De Liberato, C Ciuti, A Imamoǧlu
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Modes of random lasers
J Andreasen, AA Asatryan, LC Botten, MA Byrne, H Cao, L Ge, L Labonté, ...
Advances in Optics and Photonics 3 (1), 88-127, 2011
Self-consistent multimode lasing theory for complex or random lasing media
HE Türeci, AD Stone, B Collier
Physical Review A 74 (4), 043822, 2006
The quantum-optical Josephson interferometer
D Gerace, HE Türeci, A Imamoglu, V Giovannetti, R Fazio
Nature Physics 5 (4), 281-284, 2009
Dramatic shape sensitivity of directional emission patterns from similarly deformed cylindrical polymer lasers
HGL Schwefel, NB Rex, HE Tureci, RK Chang, AD Stone, ...
JOSA B 21 (5), 923-934, 2004
Antisymmetric PT-photonic structures with balanced positive-and negative-index materials
L Ge, HE Türeci
Physical Review A 88 (5), 053810, 2013
Observation of a dissipation-induced classical to quantum transition
J Raftery, D Sadri, S Schmidt, HE Türeci, AA Houck
Physical Review X 4 (3), 031043, 2014
Beyond strong coupling in a multimode cavity
NM Sundaresan, Y Liu, D Sadri, LJ Szőcs, DL Underwood, ...
Physical Review X 5 (2), 021035, 2015
Fresnel filtering in lasing emission from scarred modes of wave-chaotic optical resonators
NB Rex, HE Tureci, HGL Schwefel, RK Chang, AD Stone
Physical review letters 88 (9), 094102, 2002
Signatures of the superfluid-insulator phase transition in laser-driven dissipative nonlinear cavity arrays
A Tomadin, V Giovannetti, R Fazio, D Gerace, I Carusotto, HE Türeci, ...
Physical Review A 81 (6), 061801, 2010
Phase transition of light in cavity QED lattices
M Schiro, M Bordyuh, B Öztop, HE Türeci
Physical review letters 109 (5), 053601, 2012
Nonequilibrium dynamics of coupled qubit-cavity arrays
F Nissen, S Schmidt, M Biondi, G Blatter, HE Türeci, J Keeling
Physical review letters 108 (23), 233603, 2012
Quantum quench of Kondo correlations in optical absorption
C Latta, F Haupt, M Hanl, A Weichselbaum, M Claassen, W Wuester, ...
Nature 474 (7353), 627-630, 2011
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