Martin P Boer
Martin P Boer
Biometris, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands
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MapQTL 4.0: software for the calculation of QTL positions on genetic maps
JW Van Ooien, MP Boer, R Jansen, C Maliepaard
Plant Research International, 2000
A mixed-model quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis for multiple-environment trial data using environmental covariables for QTL-by-environment interactions, with an example in …
MP Boer, D Wright, L Feng, DW Podlich, L Luo, M Cooper, ...
Genetics 177 (3), 1801-1813, 2007
Analysis of natural allelic variation in Arabidopsis using a multiparent recombinant inbred line population
X Huang, MJ Paulo, M Boer, S Effgen, P Keizer, M Koornneef, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (11), 4488-4493, 2011
Heteroclinic orbits indicate overexploitation in predator–prey systems with a strong Allee effect
GAK Van Voorn, L Hemerik, MP Boer, BW Kooi
Mathematical biosciences 209 (2), 451-469, 2007
Marker-based estimation of heritability in immortal populations
W Kruijer, MP Boer, M Malosetti, PJ Flood, B Engel, R Kooke, ...
Genetics 199 (2), 379-398, 2015
Bayesian analysis of complex traits in pedigreed plant populations
M Bink, MP Boer, CJF Ter Braak, J Jansen, RE Voorrips, WE Van de Weg
Euphytica 161 (1), 85-96, 2008
Modelling strategies for assessing and increasing the effectiveness of new phenotyping techniques in plant breeding
FA Van Eeuwijk, D Bustos-Korts, EJ Millet, MP Boer, W Kruijer, ...
Plant science 282, 23-39, 2019
Correcting for spatial heterogeneity in plant breeding experiments with P-splines
MX Rodriguez-Alvarez, MP Boer, FA van Eeuwijk, PHC Eilers
Spatial Statistics 23, 52-71, 2018
Studying the genetic basis of drought tolerance in sorghum by managed stress trials and adjustments for phenological and plant height differences
PK Sabadin, M Malosetti, MP Boer, FD Tardin, FG Santos, CT Guimaraes, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124 (8), 1389-1402, 2012
Extending Xu's Bayesian model for estimating polygenic effects using markers of the entire genome
CJF Ter Braak, MP Boer, MCAM Bink
Genetics 170 (3), 1435-1438, 2005
Homoclinic and heteroclinic orbits to a cycle in a tri-trophic food chain
MP Boer, BW Kooi, S Kooijman
Journal of Mathematical Biology 39 (1), 19-38, 1999
Modelling spatial trends in sorghum breeding field trials using a two-dimensional P-spline mixed model
JG Velazco, MX Rodríguez-Álvarez, MP Boer, DR Jordan, PHC Eilers, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 130 (7), 1375-1392, 2017
Food chain dynamics in the chemostat
MP Boer, BW Kooi, S Kooijman
Mathematical Biosciences 150 (1), 43-62, 1998
Gene and QTL detection in a three-way barley cross under selection by a mixed model with kinship information using SNPs
M Malosetti, FA Van Eeuwijk, MP Boer, AM Casas, M Elía, M Moralejo, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 122 (8), 1605-1616, 2011
On the use of the logistic equation in models of food chains
BW Kooi, MP Boer, S Kooijman
Bulletin of mathematical biology 60 (2), 231-246, 1998
A penalized likelihood method for mapping epistatic quantitative trait loci with one-dimensional genome searches
MP Boer, CJF Braak, RC Jansen
Genetics 162 (2), 951-960, 2002
Predicting responses in multiple environments: issues in relation to genotype× environment interactions
M Malosetti, D Bustos‐Korts, MP Boer, FA van Eeuwijk
Crop Science 56 (5), 2210-2222, 2016
Multiple attractors and boundary crises in a tri-trophic food chain
MP Boer, BW Kooi, S Kooijman
Mathematical Biosciences 169 (2), 109-128, 2001
Mixed model approaches for the identification of QTLs within a maize hybrid breeding program
FA van Eeuwijk, M Boer, LR Totir, M Bink, D Wright, CR Winkler, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 120 (2), 429-440, 2010
Numerical bifurcation analysis of a tri-trophic food web with omnivory
BW Kooi, LDJ Kuijper, MP Boer, S Kooijman
Mathematical biosciences 177, 201-228, 2002
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