Ariel T Sommer
Ariel T Sommer
Assistant Professor, Lehigh University
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Spin-injection spectroscopy of a spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas
LW Cheuk, AT Sommer, Z Hadzibabic, T Yefsah, WS Bakr, MW Zwierlein
Physical Review Letters 109 (9), 095302, 2012
Revealing the superfluid lambda transition in the universal thermodynamics of a unitary Fermi gas
MJH Ku, AT Sommer, LW Cheuk, MW Zwierlein
Science 335 (6068), 563-567, 2012
Observation of Fermi polarons in a tunable Fermi liquid of ultracold atoms
A Schirotzek, CH Wu, A Sommer, MW Zwierlein
Physical review letters 102 (23), 230402, 2009
Time-and site-resolved dynamics in a topological circuit
J Ningyuan, C Owens, A Sommer, D Schuster, J Simon
Physical Review X 5 (2), 021031, 2015
Universal spin transport in a strongly interacting Fermi gas
A Sommer, M Ku, G Roati, MW Zwierlein
Nature 472 (7342), 201-204, 2011
Feynman diagrams versus Fermi-gas Feynman emulator
K Van Houcke, F Werner, E Kozik, N Prokof’ev, B Svistunov, MJH Ku, ...
Nature Physics 8 (5), 366-370, 2012
Evolution of fermion pairing from three to two dimensions
AT Sommer, LW Cheuk, MJH Ku, WS Bakr, MW Zwierlein
Physical review letters 108 (4), 045302, 2012
Long-lived ultracold molecules with electric and magnetic dipole moments
TM Rvachov, H Son, AT Sommer, S Ebadi, JJ Park, MW Zwierlein, ...
Physical review letters 119 (14), 143001, 2017
Synthetic Landau levels for photons
N Schine, A Ryou, A Gromov, A Sommer, J Simon
Nature 534 (7609), 671-675, 2016
Heavy solitons in a fermionic superfluid
T Yefsah, AT Sommer, MJH Ku, LW Cheuk, W Ji, WS Bakr, MW Zwierlein
Nature 499 (7459), 426-430, 2013
Type II superconducting parameters of Tl-doped PbTe determined from heat capacity and electronic transport measurements
Y Matsushita, PA Wianecki, AT Sommer, TH Geballe, IR Fisher
Physical Review B 74 (13), 134512, 2006
A strongly interacting polaritonic quantum dot
N Jia, N Schine, A Georgakopoulos, A Ryou, LW Clark, A Sommer, ...
Nature Physics 14 (6), 550-554, 2018
Observation and characterization of cavity Rydberg polaritons
J Ningyuan, A Georgakopoulos, A Ryou, N Schine, A Sommer, J Simon
Physical Review A 93 (4), 041802, 2016
Spin transport in polaronic and superfluid Fermi gases
A Sommer, M Ku, MW Zwierlein
New Journal of Physics 13 (5), 055009, 2011
Engineering photonic floquet hamiltonians through fabry–pérot resonators
A Sommer, J Simon
New Journal of Physics 18 (3), 035008, 2016
Quantum crystals and Laughlin droplets of cavity Rydberg polaritons
A Sommer, HP Büchler, J Simon
arXiv preprint arXiv:1506.00341, 2015
Theory of interacting cavity Rydberg polaritons
A Georgakopoulos, A Sommer, J Simon
Quantum Science and Technology 4 (1), 014005, 2018
Photons and polaritons in a broken-time-reversal nonplanar resonator
N Jia, N Schine, A Georgakopoulos, A Ryou, A Sommer, J Simon
Physical Review A 97 (1), 013802, 2018
Time reversal invariant topologically insulating circuits
N Jia, C Owens, A Sommer, D Schuster, J Simon
arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.0878, 2013
Transport of spin and mass at normal-superfluid interfaces in the unitary Fermi gas
D Zhang, AT Sommer
Physical Review Research 4 (2), 023231, 2022
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