Ryan Prosser
Ryan Prosser
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Human health risk assessment of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in plant tissue due to biosolids and manure amendments, and wastewater irrigation
RS Prosser, PK Sibley
Environment international 75, 223-233, 2015
Assessing the bioaccumulation potential of ionizable organic compounds: Current knowledge and research priorities
JM Armitage, RJ Erickson, T Luckenbach, CA Ng, RS Prosser, JA Arnot, ...
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 36 (4), 882-897, 2017
Bioaccumulation of triclosan and triclocarban in plants grown in soils amended with municipal dewatered biosolids
RS Prosser, L Lissemore, E Topp, PK Sibley
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 33 (5), 975-984, 2014
Assessment of risk to hoary squash bees (Peponapis pruinosa) and other ground-nesting bees from systemic insecticides in agricultural soil
DS Willis Chan, RS Prosser, JL Rodríguez-Gil, NE Raine
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 11870, 2019
A probabilistic risk assessment of microplastics in soil ecosystems
O Jacques, RS Prosser
Science of the Total Environment 757, 143987, 2021
Sensitivity of the early-life stages of freshwater mollusks to neonicotinoid and butenolide insecticides
RS Prosser, SR De Solla, EAM Holman, R Osborne, SA Robinson, ...
Environmental Pollution 218, 428-435, 2016
Indirect effects of herbicides on biota in terrestrial edge-of-field habitats: A critical review of the literature
RS Prosser, JC Anderson, ML Hanson, KR Solomon, PK Sibley
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 232, 59-72, 2016
Modeling uptake of selected pharmaceuticals and personal care products into food crops from biosolids-amended soil
RS Prosser, S Trapp, PK Sibley
Environmental science & technology 48 (19), 11397-11404, 2014
A review of the effectiveness of vegetated buffers to mitigate pesticide and nutrient transport into surface waters from agricultural areas
RS Prosser, PF Hoekstra, S Gene, C Truman, M White, ML Hanson
Journal of environmental management 261, 110210, 2020
Investigation of Microplastics in Freshwater Mussels (Lasmigona costata) From the Grand River Watershed in Ontario, Canada
C Wardlaw, RS Prosser
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 231, 1-14, 2020
The role of vegetated buffers in agriculture and their regulation across Canada and the United States
SM Gene, PF Hoekstra, C Hannam, M White, C Truman, ML Hanson, ...
Journal of environmental management 243, 12-21, 2019
Assessing the toxicity and risk of salt-impacted winter road runoff to the early life stages of freshwater mussels in the Canadian province of Ontario
RS Prosser, Q Rochfort, R McInnis, K Exall, PL Gillis
Environmental Pollution 230, 589-597, 2017
Bioaccumulation of perfluorinated carboxylates and sulfonates and polychlorinated biphenyls in laboratory-cultured Hexagenia spp., Lumbriculus variegatus and Pimephales …
RS Prosser, K Mahon, PK Sibley, D Poirier, T Watson-Leung
Science of the total environment 543, 715-726, 2016
Influence of light, nutrients, and temperature on the toxicity of atrazine to the algal species Raphidocelis subcapitata: Implications for the risk assessment of herbicides
L Baxter, RA Brain, L Lissemore, KR Solomon, ML Hanson, RS Prosser
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 132, 250-259, 2016
Towards regulation of Endocrine Disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in water resources using bioassays–A guide to developing a testing strategy
J Robitaille, ND Denslow, BI Escher, HG Kurita-Oyamada, V Marlatt, ...
Environmental research 205, 112483, 2022
Toxicity of sediment‐associated substituted phenylamine antioxidants on the early life stages of Pimephales promelas and a characterization of effects on …
RS Prosser, JL Parrott, M Galicia, K Shires, C Sullivan, J Toito, AJ Bartlett, ...
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 36 (10), 2730-2738, 2017
Human health and ecological risk assessment of pesticides from rice production in the Babol Roud River in Northern Iran
NR Jolodar, S Karimi, E Bouteh, J Balist, R Prosser
Science of the Total Environment 772, 144729, 2021
Tetrahymena glochidiophila n. sp., a new species of Tetrahymena (Ciliophora) that causes mortality to glochidia larvae of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia)
DH Lynn, FP Doerder, PL Gillis, RS Prosser
Diseases of aquatic organisms 127 (2), 125-136, 2018
Detection of freshwater mussels (Unionidae) using environmental DNA in riverine systems
L Gasparini, S Crookes, RS Prosser, R Hanner
Environmental DNA 2 (3), 321-329, 2020
Effect of Microcystis aeruginosa–Associated Microcystin‐LR on the Survival of 2 Life Stages of Freshwater Mussel (Lampsilis siliquoidea)
SM Gene, RS Shahmohamadloo, X Ortiz, RS Prosser
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 38 (10), 2137-2144, 2019
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