Markus Braden
Markus Braden
Professeur de Physique
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Effect of Structural Parameters on Superconductivity in Fluorine-Free LnFeAsO1-y (Ln = La, Nd)
CH Lee, A Iyo, H Eisaki, H Kito, M Teresa Fernandez-Diaz, T Ito, K Kihou, ...
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 77 (8), 083704, 2008
The electronic phase diagram of the LaO1− xFxFeAs superconductor
H Luetkens, HH Klauss, M Kraken, FJ Litterst, T Dellmann, R Klingeler, ...
Nature materials 8 (4), 305-309, 2009
Crystal and magnetic structure of Magnetoelastic coupling and the metal-insulator transition
M Braden, G André, S Nakatsuji, Y Maeno
Physical Review B 58 (2), 847, 1998
Evidence for Incommensurate Spin Fluctuations in
Y Sidis, M Braden, P Bourges, B Hennion, S NishiZaki, Y Maeno, Y Mori
Physical review letters 83 (16), 3320, 1999
Structural and magnetic aspects of the metal-insulator transition in
O Friedt, M Braden, G André, P Adelmann, S Nakatsuji, Y Maeno
Physical Review B 63 (17), 174432, 2001
Crystal and magnetic structure of Evidence for nondegenerate orbitals
M Cwik, T Lorenz, J Baier, R Müller, G André, F Bourée, F Lichtenberg, ...
Physical Review B 68 (6), 060401, 2003
Anomalous dispersion of LO phonons in
L Pintschovius, M Braden
Physical Review B 60 (22), R15039, 1999
Structural analysis of : Relation between nuclear structure and magnetic interaction
M Braden, G Wilkendorf, J Lorenzana, M Ain, GJ McIntyre, M Behruzi, ...
Physical Review B 54 (2), 1105, 1996
Magnetic Excitations in Multiferroic : Evidence for a Hybridized Soft Mode
D Senff, P Link, K Hradil, A Hiess, LP Regnault, Y Sidis, N Aliouane, ...
Physical review letters 98 (13), 137206, 2007
Magnetoelastic coupling in investigated with diffraction techniques and thermal expansion measurements
AC Komarek, H Roth, M Cwik, WD Stein, J Baier, M Kriener, F Bourée, ...
Physical Review B 75 (22), 224402, 2007
Phonon dispersion of bcc iron to 10 GPa
S Klotz, M Braden
Physical review letters 85 (15), 3209, 2000
Inelastic neutron scattering study of magnetic excitations in
M Braden, Y Sidis, P Bourges, P Pfeuty, J Kulda, Z Mao, Y Maeno
Physical Review B 66 (6), 064522, 2002
Anomalous Dispersion of Longitudinal Optical Phonons in Determined by Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
M d'Astuto, PK Mang, P Giura, A Shukla, P Ghigna, A Mirone, M Braden, ...
Physical review letters 88 (16), 167002, 2002
Static and dynamic displacements in R (R=Y, Ho; δ=0.05, 0.5): A neutron-diffraction study on single crystals
P Schweiss, W Reichardt, M Braden, G Collin, G Heger, H Claus, A Erb
Physical Review B 49 (2), 1387, 1994
Crystal and magnetic structure of the oxypnictide superconductor : A neutron-diffraction study
N Qureshi, Y Drees, J Werner, S Wurmehl, C Hess, R Klingeler, ...
Physical Review B 82 (18), 184521, 2010
Inelastic neutron-scattering measurements of incommensurate magnetic excitations on superconducting LiFeAs single crystals
N Qureshi, P Steffens, Y Drees, AC Komarek, D Lamago, Y Sidis, ...
Physical review letters 108 (11), 117001, 2012
Incommensurate Magnetic Ordering in
M Braden, O Friedt, Y Sidis, P Bourges, M Minakata, Y Maeno
Physical review letters 88 (19), 197002, 2002
Structural stability of
M Braden, W Reichardt, S Nishizaki, Y Mori, Y Maeno
Physical Review B 57 (2), 1236, 1998
Structure Analysis of Gd2CuO4: a New Modification of the T'Phase
M Braden, W Paulus, A Cousson, P Vigoureux, G Heger, A Goukassov, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 25 (8), 625, 1994
High-pressure diffraction studies on
P Steffens, O Friedt, P Alireza, WG Marshall, W Schmidt, F Nakamura, ...
Physical Review B 72 (9), 094104, 2005
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