Florian Huchet
Florian Huchet
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Evaluation of local kinetic energy dissipation rate in the impeller stream of a Rushton turbine by time-resolved PIV
F Huchet, A Liné, J Morchain
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 87 (4), 369-376, 2009
The potential of using air jigging to sort recycled aggregates
B Cazacliu, CH Sampaio, G Miltzarek, C Petter, L Le Guen, R Paranhos, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 66, 46-53, 2014
Convective heat transfer analysis in aggregates rotary drum reactor
L Le Guen, F Huchet, J Dumoulin, Y Baudru, P Tamagny
Applied Thermal Engineering 54 (1), 131-139, 2013
Stratification in air jigs of concrete/brick/gypsum particles
CH Sampaio, BG Cazacliu, GL Miltzarek, F Huchet, L Le Guen, CO Petter, ...
Construction and Building Materials 109, 63-72, 2016
A sorting method to value recycled concrete
RS Paranhos, BG Cazacliu, CH Sampaio, CO Petter, RO Neto, F Huchet
Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 2249-2258, 2016
Drying and heating modelling of granular flow: application to the mix-asphalt processes
L Le Guen, F Huchet, P Tamagny
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 4 (2), pp 71-80, 2011
Electrodiffusion diagnostics of the flow and mass transfer inside a network of crossing minichannels
F Huchet, J Comiti, J Tihon, A Montillet, P Legentilhomme
Journal of applied electrochemistry 37 (1), 49-55, 2007
A coupled thermal-granular model in flights rotary kiln: Industrial validation and process design
M Piton, F Huchet, O Le Corre, L Le Guen, B Cazacliu
Applied Thermal Engineering 75, 1011-1021, 2015
Use of electrochemical microsensors for hydrodynamics study in crossing microchannels
F Huchet, J Havlica, P Legentilhomme, A Montillet, J Comiti, J Tihon
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 5 (1), 55-64, 2008
A wall heat transfer correlation for the baffled-rotary kilns with secondary air flow and recycled materials inlet
H Florian, D Jean
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 54, 110-116, 2014
A review of thermal processes in the production and their influences on performance of asphalt mixtures with reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP)
K Zhang, F Huchet, A Hobbs
Construction and Building Materials 206, 609-619, 2019
Heat convection and radiation in flighted rotary kilns: A minimal model
L Le Guen, M Piton, Q Hénaut, F Huchet, P Richard
The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 95 (1), 100-110, 2017
Multi-scale analysis of hydrodynamics inside a network of crossing minichannels using electrodiffusion method and PIV measurements
F Huchet, J Comiti, P Legentilhomme, C Solliec, J Legrand, A Montillet
International journal of heat and fluid flow 29 (5), 1411-1421, 2008
Unsteady flows in milli-and microsystems: analysis of wall shear rate fluctuations
F Huchet, P Legentilhomme, J Legrand, A Montillet, J Comiti
Experiments in fluids 51 (3), 597-610, 2011
Mixing characterization and energetic dissipation in different networks of minichannels
F Huchet, J Comiti, P Legentilhomme, H Bennadji
Chemical Engineering Research and Design 86 (10), 1135-1142, 2008
Quantitative assessment of the saturation degree of model fine recycled concrete aggregates immersed in a filler or cement paste
H Maimouni, S Remond, F Huchet, P Richard, V Thiery, Y Descantes
Construction and Building Materials 175, 496-507, 2018
Récupération de la chaleur fatale: application aux fours rotatifs
M Piton
Ecole des Mines de Nantes, 2015
Influence of asphalt composition upon the thermodynamics performance of a mixing plant
F Huchet, L Le Guen, P Richard, M Piton, B Cazacliu, P Semelle, ...
Road Materials and Pavement Design 19 (1), 104-119, 2018
Air-cooled heat exchanger applied to external rotary kiln wall in forced and natural draft
F Huchet, M Piton, A Del Barrio, O Le Corre, B Cazacliu
Energy Conversion and Management 154, 517-525, 2017
Advection–Dispersive Mechanisms of Electrolyte Species in Porous Matrix
F Huchet, N Roquet, B Cazacliu
Transport in porous media 104 (2), 299-313, 2014
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