Silvina Dutruel
Silvina Dutruel
Weill Cornell Medicine
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Pancreatic Cysts in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease: Prevalence and Association with PKD2 Gene Mutations
JA Kim, JD Blumenfeld, S Chhabra, SP Dutruel, ND Thimmappa, ...
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MD Agrawal, P Spincemaille, KW Mennitt, B Xu, Y Wang, SP Dutruel, ...
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Quantification of cerebral perfusion using dynamic quantitative susceptibility mapping
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Molecular imaging and therapy of somatostatin receptor positive tumors
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PI-RADS: what is new and how to use it
SP Dutruel, S Jeph, DJA Margolis, N Wehrli
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Breast tissue expanders with magnetic ports: clinical experience at 1.5 T
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Automating perforator flap MRA and CTA reporting
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Tumor germinal no seminomatoso del mediastino con invasión pulmonar
L Cúneo, SP Dutruel, AV Cellerino, SN Salazar Cottone, F Badano, ...
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Evaluation of the LI-RADS treatment response algorithm in hepatocellular carcinoma after trans-arterial chemoembolization
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Morphine three‐dimensional T1 gadoxetate MR cholangiography of potential living related liver donors
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Evaluación del daño estructural de manos mediante RM en pacientes con artritis reumatoidea temprana, sin evidencia de erosiones radiográficas
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Patient-centered radiology communications: engaging patients as partners
SP Dutruel, EM Hecht, N Kadom
Journal of the American College of Radiology, 2023
Quantitative evaluation of gadoxetate hepatocyte phase homogeneity: potential imaging markers for detection of early cirrhosis
S Boddu, D Brylka, SP Dutruel, P Spincemaille, MR Prince
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Electrocardiographic Pad for Efficient Cardiac MR Gating
ND Thimmappa, MA Cooper, TD Nguyen, SP Dutruel, K Kawaji, ...
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Gestación gemelar monocorial: Ecografía, Doppler y estudio de los vasos placentarios post parto y su correlación con la ocurrencia de complicaciones
M Gómez, S Dutruel, L Cúneo, J Medina, A Cellerino, DGA Sáez
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Tumores primarios de intestino delgado. Correlación entre tomografía computada y anatomía patológica
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PET MRI in patients with multiple myeloma
H Zhang, Y Jhanwar, S Dutruel, S Chhabra, JA Kim, S Goldsmith
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Early post-contrast T1 mapping yields maximal discriminatory capacity for detection of cardiac amyloid-influence of temporal T1 differences on MOLLI imaging
MA Cooper, T Nguyen, M Maurer, H Landau, J Kim, S Gojraty, SP Dutruel, ...
Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance 16, 1-2, 2014
Pre-operative perforator flap MRA for autologous breast reconstruction
ND Thimmappa, SP Dutruel, M Pei, JL Levine, J Vasile, D Greenspun, ...
Proceedings of the 21st Annual Meeting and Exhibition of International …, 2013
Efficient Cardiac MR Gating with Silicon ECG Holder
ND Thimmappa, MA Cooper, SP Dutruel, K Kawaji, TD Nguyen, ...
Proc. Intl. Soc. Mag. Reson. Med 22, 3955, 2014
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