Euripides G. Stephanou
Euripides G. Stephanou
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Organic aerosol and global climate modelling: a review
M Kanakidou, JH Seinfeld, SN Pandis, I Barnes, FJ Dentener, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 5 (4), 1053-1123, 2005
Development of Land Use Regression Models for PM2.5, PM2.5 Absorbance, PM10 and PMcoarse in 20 European Study Areas; Results of the ESCAPE Project
M Eeftens, R Beelen, K De Hoogh, T Bellander, G Cesaroni, M Cirach, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (20), 11195-11205, 2012
Global air pollution crossroads over the Mediterranean
J Lelieveld, H Berresheim, S Borrmann, PJ Crutzen, FJ Dentener, ...
Science 298 (5594), 794-799, 2002
Development of NO2 and NOx land use regression models for estimating air pollution exposure in 36 study areas in Europe–The ESCAPE project
R Beelen, G Hoek, D Vienneau, M Eeftens, K Dimakopoulou, X Pedeli, ...
Atmospheric Environment 72, 10-23, 2013
Ambient air pollution and low birthweight: a European cohort study (ESCAPE)
M Pedersen, L Giorgis-Allemand, C Bernard, I Aguilera, AMN Andersen, ...
The lancet Respiratory medicine 1 (9), 695-704, 2013
Source apportionment of urban particulate aliphatic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) using multivariate methods
IG Kavouras, P Koutrakis, M Tsapakis, E Lagoudaki, EG Stephanou, ...
Environmental science & technology 35 (11), 2288-2294, 2001
Formation of atmospheric particles from organic acids produced by forests
IG Kavouras, N Mihalopoulos, EG Stephanou
Nature 395 (6703), 683-686, 1998
Abiotic stress generates ROS that signal expression of anionic glutamate dehydrogenases to form glutamate for proline synthesis in tobacco and grapevine
DS Skopelitis, NV Paranychianakis, KA Paschalidis, ED Pliakonis, ...
The Plant Cell 18 (10), 2767-2781, 2006
Spatial variation of PM2. 5, PM10, PM2. 5 absorbance and PMcoarse concentrations between and within 20 European study areas and the relationship with NO2–results of the ESCAPE …
M Eeftens, MY Tsai, C Ampe, B Anwander, R Beelen, T Bellander, ...
Atmospheric environment 62, 303-317, 2012
Gas–particle concentrations and distribution of aliphatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, PCBs and PCDD/Fs in the atmosphere of Athens (Greece)
M Mandalakis, M Tsapakis, A Tsoga, EG Stephanou
Atmospheric environment 36 (25), 4023-4035, 2002
Organic aerosols in Eastern Mediterranean: components source reconciliation by using molecular markers and atmospheric back trajectories
A Gogou, N Stratigakis, M Kanakidou, EG Stephanou
Organic Geochemistry 25 (1-2), 79-96, 1996
Variation of NO2 and NOx concentrations between and within 36 European study areas: results from the ESCAPE study
J Cyrys, M Eeftens, J Heinrich, C Ampe, A Armengaud, R Beelen, ...
Atmospheric Environment 62, 374-390, 2012
Marine organic geochemistry of the Eastern Mediterranean: 1. Aliphatic and polyaromatic hydrocarbons in Cretan Sea surficial sediments
A Gogou, I Bouloubassi, EG Stephanou
Marine Chemistry 68 (4), 265-282, 2000
Occurrence of gaseous and particulate polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the urban atmosphere: study of sources and ambient temperature effect on the gas/particle …
M Tsapakis, EG Stephanou
Environmental Pollution 133 (1), 147-156, 2005
Particle size distribution of airborne microorganisms and pathogens during an intense African dust event in the eastern Mediterranean
PN Polymenakou, M Mandalakis, EG Stephanou, A Tselepides
Environmental Health Perspectives 116 (3), 292-296, 2008
Tropospheric aerosol ionic composition in the Eastern Mediterranean region
N Mihalopoulos, E Stephanou, M Kanakidou, S Pilitsidis, P Bousquet
Tellus B 49 (3), 314-326, 1997
Measurement of particulate aliphatic and polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in Santiago de Chile: source reconciliation and evaluation of sampling artifacts
IG Kavouras, J Lawrence, P Koutrakis, EG Stephanou, P Oyola
Atmospheric environment 33 (30), 4977-4986, 1999
Persistent organic chemicals in sewage effluents. 2. Quantitative determinations of nonylphenols and nonylphenol ethoxylates by glass capillary gas chromatography
E Stephanou, W Giger
Environmental science & technology 16 (11), 800-805, 1982
Air pollution during pregnancy and childhood cognitive and psychomotor development: six European birth cohorts
M Guxens, R Garcia-Esteban, L Giorgis-Allemand, J Forns, C Badaloni, ...
Epidemiology 25 (5), 636-647, 2014
Determination of organic molecular markers in marine aerosols and sediments: one-step flash chromatography compound class fractionation and capillary gas chromatographic analysis
AI Gogou, M Apostolaki, EG Stephanou
Journal of Chromatography A 799 (1-2), 215-231, 1998
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