J V Porto
J V Porto
Joint Quantum Institute, NIST and the University of Maryland
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Synthetic magnetic fields for ultracold neutral atoms
YJ Lin, RL Compton, K Jiménez-García, JV Porto, IB Spielman
Nature 462 (7273), 628-632, 2009
Bose-Einstein condensate in a uniform light-induced vector potential
YJ Lin, RL Compton, AR Perry, WD Phillips, JV Porto, IB Spielman
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Controlled exchange interaction between pairs of neutral atoms in an optical lattice
M Anderlini, PJ Lee, BL Brown, J Sebby-Strabley, WD Phillips, JV Porto
Nature 448 (7152), 452-456, 2007
Mott-insulator transition in a two-dimensional atomic Bose gas
IB Spielman, WD Phillips, JV Porto
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Observation of reduced three-body recombination in a correlated 1D degenerate Bose gas
BL Tolra, KM O’hara, JH Huckans, WD Phillips, SL Rolston, JV Porto
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Lattice of double wells for manipulating pairs of cold atoms
J Sebby-Strabley, M Anderlini, PS Jessen, JV Porto
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Penning Trap Measurements of the Masses of , , and with Uncertainties ppb
MP Bradley, JV Porto, S Rainville, JK Thompson, DE Pritchard
Physical Review Letters 83 (22), 4510, 1999
A synthetic electric force acting on neutral atoms
YJ Lin, RL Compton, K Jimenez-Garcia, WD Phillips, JV Porto, ...
Nature Physics 7 (7), 531-534, 2011
Rapid production of Bose-Einstein condensates in a combined magnetic and optical potential
YJ Lin, AR Perry, RL Compton, IB Spielman, JV Porto
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Patterned loading of a Bose-Einstein condensate into an optical lattice
S Peil, JV Porto, BL Tolra, JM Obrecht, BE King, M Subbotin, SL Rolston, ...
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Strongly inhibited transport of a degenerate 1D Bose gas in a lattice
CD Fertig, KM O’hara, JH Huckans, SL Rolston, WD Phillips, JV Porto
Physical review letters 94 (12), 120403, 2005
Superfluid 3 He in aerogel
JV Porto, JM Parpia
Physical review letters 74 (23), 4667, 1995
Preparing and probing atomic number states with an atom interferometer
J Sebby-Strabley, BL Brown, M Anderlini, PJ Lee, WD Phillips, JV Porto, ...
Physical Review Letters 98 (20), 200405, 2007
Sublattice addressing and spin-dependent motion of atoms in a double-well lattice
PJ Lee, M Anderlini, BL Brown, J Sebby-Strabley, WD Phillips, JV Porto
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Condensate fraction in a 2D Bose gas measured across the Mott-insulator transition
IB Spielman, WD Phillips, JV Porto
Physical Review Letters 100 (12), 120402, 2008
Effective three-body interactions of neutral bosons in optical lattices
PR Johnson, E Tiesinga, JV Porto, CJ Williams
New Journal of Physics 11 (9), 093022, 2009
Absolute Transition Frequencies and Quantum Interference in a Frequency Comb Based Measurement of the Lines
CJ Sansonetti, CE Simien, JD Gillaspy, JN Tan, SM Brewer, RC Brown, ...
Physical review letters 107 (2), 023001, 2011
Anomalous broadening in driven dissipative Rydberg systems
EA Goldschmidt, T Boulier, RC Brown, SB Koller, JT Young, AV Gorshkov, ...
Physical review letters 116 (11), 113001, 2016
Emission-line intensity ratios in Fe XVII observed with a microcalorimeter on an electron beam ion trap
JM Laming, I Kink, E Takács, JV Porto, JD Gillaspy, EH Silver, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 545 (2), L161, 2000
Quantum Phase Transition of in Aerogel at a Nonzero Pressure
K Matsumoto, JV Porto, L Pollack, EN Smith, TL Ho, JM Parpia
Physical review letters 79 (2), 253, 1997
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