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Slow worm, Anguis fragilis (Reptilia: Anguidae) as a species complex: genetic structure reveals deep divergences
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Evolution of the new vertebrate head by co-option of an ancient chordate skeletal tissue
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CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis in the sea lamprey Petromyzon marinus: a powerful tool for understanding ancestral gene functions in vertebrates
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Roles for FGF in lamprey pharyngeal pouch formation and skeletogenesis highlight ancestral functions in the vertebrate head
D Jandzik, MB Hawkins, MV Cattell, R Cerny, TA Square, DM Medeiros
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High genetic differentiation within the Hemidactylus turcicus complex (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) in the Levant, with comments on the phylogeny and systematics of the genus
J Moravec, L Kratochvíl, ZS Amr, D Jandzik, J Šmíd, V Gvoždík
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Contrasting evolutionary histories of the legless lizards slow worms (Anguis) shaped by the topography of the Balkan Peninsula
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Hemolivia and Hepatozoon: haemogregarines with tangled evolutionary relationships
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AFLP analysis shows high incongruence between genetic differentiation and morphology-based taxonomy in a widely distributed tortoise
P Mikulíček, D Jandzik, U Fritz, C Schneider, P Široký
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The use of transformed Escherichia coli for experimental angiogenesis induced by regulated in situ production of vascular endothelial growth factor–an alternative gene therapy
P Celec, R Gardlík, R Pálffy, J Hodosy, S Stuchlík, H Drahovská, ...
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Hidden threat of tortoise ticks: high prevalence of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus in ticks Hyalomma aegyptium in the Middle East
P Široký, T Bělohlávek, I Papoušek, D Jandzik, P Mikulíček, M Kubelová, ...
Parasites & vectors 7 (1), 101, 2014
Co-distribution pattern of a haemogregarine Hemolivia mauritanica (Apicomplexa: Haemogregarinidae) and its vector Hyalomma aegyptium (Metastigmata: Ixodidae)
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Selection and constraint underlie irreversibility of tooth loss in cypriniform fishes
SR Aigler, D Jandzik, K Hatta, K Uesugi, DW Stock
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A mitochondrial DNA phylogeny of the endangered vipers of the Vipera ursinii complex
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Axanthism in amphibians: A review and the first record in the widespread toad of the Bufotes viridis complex (Anura: Bufonidae).
D Jablonski, A Alena, P Vlcek, D Jandzik
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A gene expression map of the larval Xenopus laevis head reveals developmental changes underlying the evolution of new skeletal elements
T Square, D Jandzik, M Cattell, A Coe, J Doherty, DM Medeiros
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The origin and diversification of the developmental mechanisms that pattern the vertebrate head skeleton
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New records and zoogeographic classification of amphibians and reptiles from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
D Jablonski, D Jandzik, V GVOŽDÍK
North-Western journal of zoology 8 (2), 2012
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