Gilles Brocard
Gilles Brocard
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Long-term fluvial incision rates and postglacial river relaxation time in the French Western Alps from 10Be dating of alluvial terraces with assessment of inheritance, soil …
GY Brocard, PA Van Der Beek, DL Bourlès, LL Siame, JL Mugnier
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 209 (1-2), 197-214, 2003
Drivers of Holocene sea-level change in the Caribbean
NS Khan, E Ashe, BP Horton, A Dutton, RE Kopp, G Brocard, ...
Quaternary Science Reviews 155, 13-36, 2017
Influence of incision rate, rock strength, and bedload supply on bedrock river gradients and valley-flat widths: Field-based evidence and calibrations from western Alpine …
GY Brocard, PA Van der Beek
The recent fault scarps of the Western Alps (France): Tectonic surface ruptures or gravitational sackung scarps? A combined mapping, geomorphic, levelling, and 10Be dating approach
JC Hippolyte, G Brocard, M Tardy, G Nicoud, D Bourlès, R Braucher, ...
Tectonophysics 418 (3-4), 255-276, 2006
Earthquake-triggered 2018 Palu Valley landslides enabled by wet rice cultivation
K Bradley, R Mallick, H Andikagumi, J Hubbard, E Meilianda, A Switzer, ...
Nature Geoscience 12 (11), 935-939, 2019
The Caribbean–North America–Cocos Triple Junction and the dynamics of the Polochic–Motagua fault systems: Pull‐up and zipper models
C Authemayou, G Brocard, C Teyssier, T Simon‐Labric, A Guttiérrez, ...
Tectonics 30 (3), 2011
What does a mean mean? The temporal evolution of detrital cosmogenic denudation rates in a transient landscape
JK Willenbring, NM Gasparini, BT Crosby, G Brocard
Geology 41 (12), 1215-1218, 2013
pyBadlands: A framework to simulate sediment transport, landscape dynamics and basin stratigraphic evolution through space and time
T Salles, X Ding, G Brocard
PloS one 13 (4), e0195557, 2018
Localization and characterization of an active fault in an urbanized area in central Guatemala by means of geoelectrical imaging
B Suski, G Brocard, C Authemayou, BC Muralles, C Teyssier, K Holliger
Tectonophysics 480 (1-4), 88-98, 2010
Linking geomorphology, weathering and cation availability in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico
S Porder, AH Johnson, HX Xing, G Brocard, S Goldsmith, J Pett-Ridge
Geoderma 249, 100-110, 2015
New kinematic and geochronologic evidence for the Quaternary evolution of the Central Anatolian fault zone (CAFZ)
M Higgins, LM Schoenbohm, G Brocard, N Kaymakci, JC Gosse, ...
Tectonics 34 (10), 2118-2141, 2015
Effects of a tectonically-triggered wave of incision on riverine exports and soil mineralogy in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico
GY Brocard, JK Willenbring, FN Scatena, AH Johnson
Applied Geochemistry 63, 586-598, 2015
Reorganization of a deeply incised drainage: role of deformation, sedimentation and groundwater flow
G Brocard, C Teyssier, WJ Dunlap, C Authemayou, T Simon‐Labric, ...
Basin Research 23 (6), 631-651, 2011
Rapid late Miocene surface uplift of the Central Anatolian Plateau margin
MJM Meijers, GY Brocard, MA Cosca, T Lüdecke, C Teyssier, DL Whitney, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 497, 29-41, 2018
Relict landscape resistance to dissection by upstream migrating knickpoints
GY Brocard, JK Willenbring, TE Miller, FN Scatena
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 121 (6), 1182-1203, 2016
Structure of the Sardinia Channel: crustal thinning and tardi-orogenic extension in the Apenninic-Maghrebian orogen; results of the Cyana submersible survey (SARCYA and …
GH Mascle, P Tricart, L Torelli, JP Bouillin, R Compagnoni, S Depardon, ...
Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 175 (6), 607-627, 2004
Rate and processes of river network rearrangement during incipient faulting: The case of the Cahabón River, Guatemala
G Brocard, J Willenbring, B Suski, P Audra, C Authemayou, ...
American Journal of Science 312 (5), 449-507, 2012
Quaternary seismo‐tectonic activity of the Polochic Fault, Guatemala
C Authemayou, G Brocard, C Teyssier, B Suski, B Cosenza, S Morán‐Ical, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 117 (B7), 2012
Climate stability in central Anatolia during the Messinian Salinity Crisis
MJM Meijers, AA Peynircioğlu, MA Cosca, GY Brocard, DL Whitney, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 498, 53-67, 2018
Paleoenvironmental conditions and drainage evolution of the central Anatolian lake system (Turkey) during late Miocene to Pliocene surface uplift
MJM Meijers, GY Brocard, DL Whitney, A Mulch
Geosphere 16 (2), 490-509, 2020
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