Viola Tokárová
Protein patterning by microcontact printing using pyramidal PDMS stamps
L Filipponi, P Livingston, O Kašpar, V Tokárová, DV Nicolau
Biomedical microdevices 18 (1), 9, 2016
A quantitative study of the effect of process parameters on key granule characteristics in a high shear wet granulation process involving a two component pharmaceutical blend
S Oka, O Kašpar, V Tokárová, K Sowrirajan, H Wu, M Khan, F Muzzio, ...
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The effects of improper mixing and preferential wetting of active and excipient ingredients on content uniformity in high shear wet granulation
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Powder Technology 278, 266-277, 2015
Development of spray-dried chitosan microcarriers for nanoparticle delivery
V Tokárová, O Kašpar, Z Knejzlík, P Ulbrich, F Štěpánek
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Combined UV/vis and micro-tomography investigation of acetaminophen dissolution from granules
O Kašpar, V Tokárová, S Oka, K Sowrirajan, R Ramachandran, ...
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Effect of cross-linking method on the activity of spray-dried chitosan microparticles with immobilized laccase
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Food and bioproducts processing 91 (4), 525-533, 2013
Remotely triggered release from composite hydrogel sponges
A Zadražil, V Tokárová, F Štěpánek
Soft Matter 8 (6), 1811-1816, 2012
Thermo-responsive adhesion properties of composite hydrogel microcapsules
V Tokárová, A Pittermannová, J Čech, P Ulbrich, F Štěpánek
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Feasibility and constraints of particle targeting using the antigen–antibody interaction
V Tokárová, A Pittermannová, V Král, P Řezáčová, F Štěpánek
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Polymer surface properties control the function of heavy meromyosin in dynamic nanodevices
KL Hanson, F Fulga, S Dobroiu, G Solana, O Kaspar, V Tokarova, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 93, 305-314, 2017
Confinement of water droplets on rectangular micro/nano-arrayed surfaces
O Kašpar, H Zhang, V Tokárová, RI Boysen, GR Suñé, X Borrise, ...
Lab on a Chip 16 (13), 2487-2493, 2016
Artificial swarming: Towards radiofrequency control of reversible micro-particle aggregation and deposition
N Sarvašová, P Ulbrich, V Tokárová, A Zadražil, F Štěpánek
Powder technology 278, 17-25, 2015
Remotely controllable microcapsules for site-specific delivery of a chemical payload
J Čejková, V Tokárová, A Pittermannová, F Štěpánek
Governing factors for preparation of silver nanoparticles using droplet-based microfluidic device
O Kašpar, AH Koyuncu, A Pittermannová, P Ulbrich, V Tokárová
Biomedical Microdevices 21 (4), 88, 2019
Influence of channel height on mixing efficiency and synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles using droplet-based microfluidics
O Kašpar, AH Koyuncu, A Hubatová-Vacková, M Balouch, V Tokárová
RSC Advances 10 (26), 15179-15189, 2020
Development of Artificial Garlic Cell with Potent in Vitro Bactericidal Effect
P Janska, V Tokarova, OÅ ej KaÅ
2019 AIChE Annual Meeting, 2019
Space Partitioning and Maze Solving by Bacteria
AS Perumal, M Nayak, V Tokárová, O Kašpar, DV Nicolau
International Conference on Bio-inspired Information and Communication, 175-180, 2019
Development of biomimetic surfaces with an antibacterial effect based on the structure of dragonfly wings
V Tokárová, M Černý, Z Knejzlík, O Kašpar, P Janská, S Selenica
Microfluidic platform for continuous synthesis of nanoparticles
O Kaspar, A Hazal Koyuncu, M Balouch, V Tokárová
Development of compartmentalizes antibacterial systems based on immobilized alliinase
V Tokarova, P Janská, O Kašpar, L Mašková, Z Knejzlík
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