Jitka Klimesova
Jitka Klimesova
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The LEDA Traitbase: a database of life‐history traits of the Northwest European flora
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CLO‐PLA: the database of clonal and bud bank traits of Central European flora§
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TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access
J Kattge, G Bönisch, S Díaz, et al.
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CLO-PLA3: a database of clonal growth architecture of Central-European plants
J Klimešová, L Klimeš
URL:[http://clopla. butbn. cas. cz], 2006
Plant functional traits in studies of vegetation changes in response to grazing and mowing: towards a use of more specific traits
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Clonal growth diversity and bud banks of plants in the Czech flora: an evaluation using the CLO-PLA3 database
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Resprouting of herbs in disturbed habitats: is it adequately described by Bellingham-Sparrow's model?
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CLO-PLA: a database of clonal and bud-bank traits of the Central European flora
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Regeneration capacity and carbohydrate reserves in a clonal plant Rumex alpinus: effect of burial
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Intermediate growth forms as a model for the study of plant clonality functioning: an example with root sprouters
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Vegetation types of East Ladakh: species and growth form composition along main environmental gradients
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Root sprouting in Rumex acetosella under different nutrient levels
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Plant Ecology 141 (1), 33-39, 1999
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