Wen-Yong Guo
Wen-Yong Guo
School of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, East China Normal University
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Invasion of Old World Phragmites australis in the New World: precipitation and temperature patterns combined with human influences redesign the invasive niche
WY Guo, C Lambertini, XZ Li, LA Meyerson, H Brix
Global Change Biology 19 (11), 3406-3422, 2013
Cosmopolitan species as models for ecophysiological responses to global change: the common reed Phragmites australis
F Eller, H Skálová, JS Caplan, GP Bhattarai, MK Burger, JT Cronin, ...
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The role of adaptive strategies in plant naturalization
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Preadaptation and post‐introduction evolution facilitate the invasion of Phragmites australis in North America
WY Guo, C Lambertini, LX Nguyen, XZ Li, H Brix
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Small genome separates native and invasive populations in an ecologically important cosmopolitan grass
P Pyšek, H Skálová, J Čuda, WY Guo, J Suda, J Doležal, O Kauzál, ...
Ecology 99 (1), 79-90, 2018
Invasive herb Impatiens glandulifera has minimal impact on multiple components of temperate forest ecosystem function
J Čuda, M Vítková, M Albrechtová, WY Guo, JN Barney, P Pyšek
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Ambrosia artemisiifolia in the Czech Republic: history of invasion, current distribution and prediction of future spread
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Invasive submerged freshwater macrophytes are more plastic in their response to light intensity than to the availability of free CO2 in air‐equilibrated water
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Global Ecology and Biogeography, 2019
Effect of stubble heights and treatment duration time on the performance of water dropwort floating treatment wetlands (FTWs)
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Peatland initiation and carbon dynamics in northeast China: links to Holocene climate variability
W Xing, K Bao, W Guo, X Lu, G Wang.
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Physiology of a plant invasion: biomass production, growth and tissue chemistry of invasive and native Phragmites australis populations
P Pyšek, H Skálová, J Čuda, WY Guo, J Doležal, O Kauzál, C Lambertini, ...
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Assessing nutrient responses and biomass quality for selection of appropriate paludiculture crops
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Phenotypic traits of the Mediterranean Phragmites australis M1 lineage: differences between the native and introduced ranges
WY Guo, C Lambertini, X Guo, XZ Li, F Eller, H Brix
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Division of labor in rhizomatous species: Comparative performance of native and invasive species in the tidal marshes of the Yangtze River estuary, China
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Living in two worlds: Evolutionary mechanisms act differently in the native and introduced ranges of an invasive plant
WY Guo, C Lambertini, P Pyšek, LA Meyerson, H Brix
Ecology and evolution 8 (5), 2440-2452, 2018
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