José Rouillard
José Rouillard
Associate professor of Computer Sciences, Ph.D, HDR, Lille University
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Contextual QR codes
J Rouillard
2008 The Third International Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global …, 2008
The Pervasive Fridge. A smart computer system against uneaten food loss
J Rouillard
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Web services and speech-based applications around VoiceXML.
J Rouillard
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Hyperdialogue sur internet. Le système HALPIN
J Rouillard
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Internet documents: a rich source for spoken language modeling
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PerZoovasive: contextual pervasive QR codes as tool to provide an adaptive learning support
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Traces using aspect oriented programming and interactive agent-based architecture for early usability evaluation: Basic principles and comparison
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HALPIN: a multimodal and conversational system for information seeking on the World Wide Web
J Rouillard, J Caelen
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Hybrid BCI coupling EEG and EMG for severe motor disabilities
J Rouillard, A Duprès, F Cabestaing, S Leclercq, MH Bekaert, C Piau, ...
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Multimodal interaction: a survey from model driven engineering and mobile perspectives
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Towards multimodal user interfaces composition based on usixml and mbd principles
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Some issues for the modelling of interactive e-services from the customer multi-channel interaction perspectives
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A network architecture for building applications that use speech recognition and/or synthesis
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Project Ubi-Learn: An intermediation infrastructure for multi-channel accesses to future LMS
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VoiceXML. Le langage d'accès à Internet par téléphone.
J Rouillard
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Multimodal information seeking dialogues on the World Wide Web
J Rouillard, J Caelen
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An interactive approach to display large sets of association rules
O Couturier, J Rouillard, V Chevrin
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Recherche anthropocentrée de regles d'association pour l'aide à la décision
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MIMIC: leveraging sensor-based interactions in multimodal mobile applications
N Elouali, X Le Pallec, J Rouillard, JC Tarby
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How to communicate smartly with your house?
J Rouillard, JC Tarby
International Journal of Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing 7 (3), 155-162, 2011
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